Guy Lands Great Smash Attack Right After Announcer Teases Him About It

Guy Lands Great Smash Attack Right After Announcer Teases Him About It

"I can't wait to see it work," the Smash Bros. tournament announcer said as he watched one of the fighters struggle to land a mighty blow. "It's gonna be at the top of the subreddit." And so it was. Sometimes, fortune favours the goaded.

A hilariously-timed episode unfolded in a Smash match at a tournament held in Baltimore, MD late last month. GimR, playing as Mr. Game & Watch, was squaring off against competitor Seagull, who took Sonic into the match. Game & Watch is a relatively surprising character to see in competitive Smash matches because while he's a powerful fighter, he's not the easiest one to control.

The character's most powerful attack is one called "Judge." Or, at least, it can be a powerful attack. What makes it tricky is that after Game & Watch whips out a hammer to bop his opponent, a number between one and nine appears above his head, each with a different effect. Landing a "9 Hammer," as its popularly known, is a surefire way to get an instant KO. But since the numbers are randomised, you never really know what you're gonna get when you execute the move.

GimR goes for a 9 Hammer very early in the match, but ends up drawing a six instead. This leads the match's commentators to poke some fun at him.

"He tries to go for 9 Hammers all the time," reslived says to his co-announcer Keitaro, chuckling. "It's the funniest thing."

And just like that, he pulls it off:

The segment that blew up on Reddit is actually a truncated version of the moment that makes it look like GimR drew a 9 Hammer just a few seconds after reslived teased him for failing to so. In reality, it took a little while long. But as you can see in this footage of the full match, the longer version actually makes the moment of victory so much better:

GimR got KO'd after his first attempt at the 9 Hammer. He and Seagull were both down to a single life when he finally managed to pull off the Game & Watch attack to end all Game & Watch attacks.

"And Seagull is even in disbelief," reslived shouts as the crowd bursts out laughing. "That is how you make a comeback!"

"We were just talking about this, and then it actually happened!" Keitaro adds, still cracking up and clapping his hands.


UPDATE (2:18 pm): I accidentally swapped the names of the two competitors in the original draft, GimR was playing as Game & Watch, and Seagull was Sonic. My mistake!

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