Guys Make Devil May Cry Sword In Real Life

Guys Make Devil May Cry Sword In Real Life

Look, it’s great that the folks at Man at Arms got around to making Dante’s fearsome sword from the old-school Devil May Cry games. But if you’re not putting on a trenchcoat when you’re swinging Rebellion around, you’re doing Son of Sparda all wrong.

Sartorial missteps aside, the Rebellion sword crafted in the latest Man at Arms video looks big and hefty, just as it does in the Capcom-published games. Doesn’t seem to be as unwieldy as the Halo energy blade, either. Is that a gallon of jello at the end? Man, you know you’re cutting through some weird stuff when slicing through a pumpkin looks.


  • Easily the best build since the new guys started doing it, lots of cool technical info and shots rather than the way they were broing it up when they started.

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