Hackers Are Trying To Make An Ad-Blocker For Real Life

Imagine a world where you didn't have to look at ads in real life. It might sound incredible, but hackers are trying to make that a reality.

Meet "Brand Killer." It's an alternate reality device that blocks out ads in real time. Now, the device is definitely at an early stage — it's more proof of concept than anything — but the idea is promising, no?

Here's the inventors on why they want to make something like this a reality:

Corporate branding and advertisements are ubiquitous in society today and almost impossible to avoid. What if we lived in a world where consumers were blind to this surplus of corporate branding? Brand Killer is a technology demonstration that envisions a future in which consumers can use augmented reality to opt out corporate influence. We built a head mounted display which uses computer vision to recognise and block brands and logos from the user's view in real time. It's AdBlock for Real Life.

Sounds like the sort of thing that would exist in a cyberpunk movie. I'm looking forward to seeing if this idea takes off, and whether or not hackers can take technology like this to the next level — perhaps on devices like the Oculus Rift or something.


    They are working on something similar for the Windows Hololens AR rigs that were just announced, each time it sees an Apple or Sony advertisement it slaps a Microsoft logo over the top of it :P

    I'm looking forward to the shopping experience.
    *Recieves call*
    "Dude can you grab a bag of Doritos while yo-
    "Take the thing off your head"
    "Shit that was a close one, thanks"

      What about if you are wearing one and the company sends you an email for a software update? Will it auto-block the email? :p

    How are food labels ads? They're labels that tell you what the friggen product you picked up is. What a stupid idea.

      You can take it 2 ways.

      1. I drive a Ford, and I can tell that because of the badge on the front, back, and on the steering wheel.


      2. I drive a car that's constantly trying to advertise Ford! It's ****ing me off!!!

      Also, wouldn't everything be advertisement?

      "Why is that woman's face blurred?"

      "Cause she's covered in Maybelline."


      "Police officer, some young punk tried to rob me!"

      "What did he look like?"

      "He was a walking blur... I expect it's because he was wearing brand shoes, brand pants, brand shirt, brand accessories, brand hat, and a gun with a brand name on the side"

      Last edited 26/01/15 4:32 pm

    "Hey, nice headset. Who's winning Bathurst?"
    "Errrr.... the red blur"

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