Half-Life 2 Characters Fit Perfectly In Artist Pogo’s Neighbourhood

Half-Life 2 Characters Fit Perfectly In Artist Pogo’s Neighbourhood

Artist Nick Bertke, AKA Pogo, made this video compositing elements from Half-Life 2 into footage of his real-life neighbourhood and what looks like his home. And it looks astounding.

Before I read the video’s description on YouTube I was slightly confused about what was real and what was CG, which is a testament both to Pogo’s skill and to the quality of Half-Life 2‘s graphics — which, granted, have been enhanced by modders throughout the decade since the game’s release — and even more so its animations.

I also love how nothing really happens in the video, yet it perfectly matches the feeling of actually walking around in Half-Life 2. It made me want to pick up the game again, until I remembered how much I hate that darn airboat level.

As it turns out, Pogo is also an incredible music producer and remix artist who’s made wonderful songs and videos using media ranging from Alice in Wonderland to, more appropriately for us, Borderlands:

Checking out either of his YouTube channels is a great way to while away your Sunday in audiovisual bliss.

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