Hearthstone Master Loses To Low Rank Player With Starter Deck

Hearthstone Master Loses To Low Rank Player With Starter Deck

OK, time for a game of fill in the blank: "Pride goes before a ____."

Jason "Amaz" Chan is not a Hearthstone player to be trifled with. In addition to being one of the online collectible card game's most popular streamers, he's won multiple tournaments including last year's Numericable Millennium Cup and IEM Shenzhen. He also has his own Hearthstone team, Archon.

However, as PC Gamer points out, that did not stop him from getting thoroughly trounced by a lowbie no-name player when he ventured onto Asian servers while NA was down. He started at the bottom of the ranking ladder and decided to work his way up as quickly as he could. And why not? He had skills, experience, and his trademark Control Priest deck on his side, legendaries included. "Let's just clarify something," he said to his stream viewers. "We are not bullying low ranks! We're just trying to get out of this as soon as possible."

Minutes later, after a basic freeze mage deck turned him into a pile of quivering popsicle shards, he was laughing incredulously. "I'm getting wrecked! I'm getting wrecked!" A few turns and one slick arcane explosion play later, Chan was shouting between giggles as he lost the match. "NOOOOOOOOOO."

The kicker? His opponent only ever said one thing, letting their avatar do their talking for them: "I'm sorry."

Brutal, right? Fortunately, Chan's having a good time with it all. He posted the above video himself with the title "Amaz = Angry Chicken?!" and has been tweeting about his already infamous defeat.

It's all kind of heartening in its own way, knowing that a player with only basic cards can out-skill someone backstroking through a sea of legendaries if they know what they're doing. That said, this should also serve as a cautionary tale: never underestimate anybody. You might think you're too cool for school crack shot David, but you might actually be a lumbering, stumbling Goliath one misstep away from a dirt nap. Or you might be about to lose in a video game. You know, one of those two things.


    You might think you’re too cool for school crack shot David, but you might actually be a lumbering, stumbling Goliath one misstep away from a dirt nap.

    Hahaha, what a sentence! *thumbs up*

    I barely made it through that. Sounds like he's hopped up on something.

    So this article is because some one lost in a game where you do still have to pray to RNGesus? Even if you are pro it is still possible to lose to some at beginner tier as there is a chance that they much just have decent sensibilities and have starting assets than you; article is all sorts of ignorant of how card games/gambling works.

      Yep, event doesn't illustrate David vs Goliath as article tries to imply, rather it demonstrates how much of a factor luck is in Hearthstone.

        Yep, the luck factor was what stopped me from playing after a while.

      Wrong, this article proves that you don't necessarily need to spend hundreds of dollars in hearthstone crafting a legendary deck to win against some of the best players in the world.

      The RnG argument you are appealing to makes no sense. Amaz got the best starting hand priest can wish for with Northshire Cleric and Coin Injured Blade master into Circle of Healing. Lets not even get started on double Power Word Shield. Amaz lost because he got too cocky and he misplayed. There was no reason for him to double PWS his Blademaster, he should have saved at least one for the Auchenai. He didn't lose to lucky shots from Arcane Missiles, he lost to Sheep. His opponent outplayed him.

      Last edited 12/02/15 2:33 am

    This has been my go-to argument that Hearthstone is not a proper competitive game. My reasoning is as follows, if I somehow came up against a UT2004/CS/InsertAnyFPSGameHere professional, I would maybe win about 5% of the time.
    You put me against a Chess champion, I'd probably win 5% of the time.
    You put me against Dendi in Dota 2 1v1 mid, I'd probably win 5% of the time.

    However, Hearthstone has an unhealthy reliance on RNG that it completely skews these odds so that an unnamed relatively new player would have a much higher chance of winning than 5%

      Amaz misplayed, he wasted both his power word shields into a single minion, he didnt lose to RnG. RnG is a factor in hearthstone so knowing that, you should make safe plays that increase your chances of winning. Going up against mage without fearing Sheep was a huge mistake.

      If you are a regular player you will never win against a pro chess or UT player. In UT2004 you may not even be able to get a kill that's how high the skill gap is between a professional and a regular player.

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