Here's The First Trailer For Ant-Man

Here's the First Trailer for Ant-Man

"Ant-Man" doesn't invoke much fear, does it?

The best part of the promo clip for Marvel's next big superhero flick is Paul Rudd's reaction. Sure, he's getting handed an opportunity to put on a suit that gives him superpowers and redeem his pretty screwed-up life. But he's got doubts about that moniker. Wouldn't you?


    It invokes fear of wasting $20 and two hours of my life :|

    IS he in the Age of Ultron? If not that sucks considering he pretty much created Ultron.

      I believe that in the film adaptation, Ultron is created by Stark but I'm not 100% sure on that.

        So far the early details suggest Stark reactivates a thing that turns in to Ultron, so Pym may still be involved.

          I don't think so, they've re-written it to be a Stark/Banner invention.

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            "When Tony Stark jumpstarts a dormant peacekeeping program"

      No. In Ultron Stark and Banner create Ultron from a piece of tech and a program they find left over from the Chitauri invasion (thus linking it all together with Thanos I imagine).

      Pym isn't involved at this point in the movie unless they've done reshoots with Douglas, as Ant-man was mostly filmed after Ultron had finished. But Marvels put stuff in the movies before without us knowing beforehand, so who knows!

        I believe the wording was that it was something they find in the aftermath of the Chitauri invasion.

        My guess is that it's not actually Chitauri in origin. For example a SHIELD storage facility was destroyed, and they discovered some old computers and Fury got Tony to investigate (because he didn't trust SHIELD).

          Oh I'm in the dark as much as anyone and I'm hoping it's NOT an alien program. That's way too similar to Brainiac, who is inevitable for one of the JLA movies.

      Paul Rudds character is Scott Lang. In the comics is a thief who steals the Ant Man suit to help save his daughter.
      Michael Douglas' character is Hank Pym. In the comics, he's the creator of many things ... including Ultron and the Ant Man suit which uses the Pym Particle to make him small.

      I doubt Rudd is in AoU, and since Stark/Banner 'creates' Ultron, I doubt Douglas is in it either.

    Nice teaser, very interested in it. Love the look of Rudds uniform, love the instant 'shift' instead of 'growing' big or small. Should be a fun time!

    Wow, coming out in July? I guess hearing about the announcements last year for so many films, including this one made 2015 seem like such a distant timeframe and concept to me.

    Solid teaser. Showed off some stuff without revealing too much of the plot and moments. I wish more trailers where like this.

    Does it look much different to the test footage that was leaked a while back? Can't watch videos at work so I'm just curious.

      Pretty different. The helmet is similair but has red glowing eyes now (before they were just black voids. The uniform looks more 'expensive' and the shrinking effect looks better. I saw leaked footage ages ago, it was pretty damn cool, so cannot wait to see what they've done with a budget!

        Thanks, I scrolled back up and there's a gif of it now. I swear that wasn't there earlier..

    Wow, I'm on board. Totally not what I expected though, I thought it was gonna be alot goofier and quippy. But this is just a trailer, I guesss. Looking forward to seeing it.

    Wonder how much of Edgar Wright's influence remains. I kinda lost interest in this one after he moved on.

      +1. I'm afraid the Disney superhero machine is just going to churn out another generic superhero movie....

      Hero discovers/displays powers. Hero rises to fame/glory. Hero gets beaten down by bad guy. Hero goes through personal growth/realization. Hero overcomes bad guy (perhaps with unexpected help from friend). All seems well with the world. Stinger reveals hint for new movie.

      At least with Wright, we had the possibility of a different type of hero movie.

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    I'm pretty hopeful that it'll be good, I'm not an Ant-Man fan by any means but I'm curious to see where they go with it, and I do love a good heist movie.

    I'm actually glad Edgar Wright isn't involved anymore, I find his directing style is really annoying, way to many fast cuts and cheap laughs make his movies seem more like tv shows (I did like Spaced a lot though, just didn't really like anything after that). Not to mention they are needlessly long and overly complicated - The World's End was just bad. I couldn't see an Edgar Wright film sitting well with the other Marvel movies as well either.

      How disappointing was The World's End...

        It was just a mess, trying to do way too much and getting more and more confused as it went along. Then when it looked like it was finally over (after already going on for too long)... it just kept going?!

        I agree, it was terrible.
        Scott Pilgrim was pretty bad too, but I dont think that was ever gonna look good irl.

        I thought it was alright... Still better then most comedy films lately IMO but compared to the earlier two films it was pretty dissapointing.

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