Honest Game Trailers On The Awkwardness Of A Jill Sandwich

Honest Game Trailers On The Awkwardness Of A Jill Sandwich

I missed out on playing the original remake of Resident Evil on GameCube. Those were some of my saddest teenage years. Eventually though, I found myself in possession of a Wii and thanks to its backwards-compatibility feature, I finally got to play it in 2009. Not ashamed to say I enjoyed ever drop. I’m not sure if I’ll be grabbing the new remake-remake, but I don’t mind taking a trip down memory lane via this outing from Honest Game Trailers… unlocking those masterful nostalgia-filled moments, if you will.

Chris and Jill’s first outing has been deconstructed many, many times, from the cheesy dialogue to the tank-like controls, yet, for it all its flaws, it’s still one of a few games that had a lasting impact on me. Previously, Alone in the Dark was the only game that came close to eliciting the same feelings of claustrophobic dread and to have Capcom bottle its essence and create something with better graphics and a Romero-style zombie theme… I was in heaven.

This effort from Honest Game Trailers isn’t as kind to the game as I am, but you can’t really look back on your childhood gaming objectively, especially when you focus on a title that was arguably personality-defining. For example, I may never have gone on to work on Zafehouse: Diaries without Shinji Mikami’s pants-dumping caress so, thank you survival horror genre for making my younger self fall hopelessly in love with games.

RESIDENT EVIL (Honest Game Trailers) [YouTube]


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