I Couldn't Wipe My Feet On This SNES Doormat

The Super Nintendo holds a special place in my heart. I'm sure I'm not alone here. That means I'm torn about this super cool SNES controller doormat. On the one hand I'm like, how cool is this? On the other hand, could I really wipe my feet on this SNES controller? Could I truly find in my heart to dirty this image?

I think a large part of me would be tempted to say, 'screw the carpet, I'm not wiping my feet on hallowed ground'.

My house would be covered in mud. Covered. Worst doormat ever.

You can buy this doormat for $19.99 at Thinkgeek.

Via Gizmodo


    Why are the button colours all wrong? Is there anywhere that actually uses the colours in the picture?

    This is what I was expecting.

      This was my first thought too. I would certainly wipe my feet on this abhorrent abomination.

      I assume the doormat is not officially licensed by Nintendo so they made it just different enough so they don't get sued. The Snes controller didn't have an 'options' button either.

      This looks like an inside mat anyway so you won't be wiping your feet on it.

        My current inside mat disagrees with your logic

      Heh yeah I was gonna mention that. I wouldn't have any issues wiping my feet on it cause the button colours are wrong :)

    Im the opposite. I feel MORE inclined to step on this, dancing about the buttons like Tom Hanks on that big piano.

    Eh, it's a third party doormat. While you're trying to wipe your feet you'll careen unexpectedly into the door frame.

    Sold! Damn that's a sexy doormat. Now all I need is a custom doorbell to play the Zelda 3 overworld music.

    hideous. if it had the correct button colours and a start and select button i'd feel less inclined to drag my muddy feet all over it.

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