I Picked The Perfect Time To Get Back Into Final Fantasy XIV

I Picked The Perfect Time To Get Back Into Final Fantasy XIV

After spending the better part of 2014 exploring other MMO avenues, in 2015 I’m getting back into Final Fantasy XIV, just in time for the massive two-part pre-expansion patch 2.5, “Before the Fall”.

Yesterday Square Enix released a lengthy trailer detailing the new content coming in patch 2.5, an update so large it’s coming in two bits. We’ve got the extension of the game’s story content leading up to the Heavensward expansion pack, new raids, new hard mode dungeons and more fun with the ever-ridiculous inspector Hildibrand Manderville and — in patch 2.51 — the long-awaited Gold Saucer, with its Chocobo Races and Triple Triad card games.

All I need now is (flips through characters) about 20 more levels and I’ll be good to go.

Patch 2.5 should be arriving later this month, following the 12-hour maintenance kicking off at 3pm Pacific on January 19 (10am AEDT, January 20) and finishing at 3am the following day (10pm AEDT, January 21). Hit up the Final Fantasy XIV website for a detailed look at some of the new dungeons arriving with “Before the Fall”.


  • Questionable time to come back, really. If you’re still levelling up a Class or Job, there’s a chance you’ll run into two or three players working on their Zodiac weapon, which means you will have to skip mobs in dungeons (denying you exp, because majority rules). It was SE’s way in fixing up the mess they made with releasing a DPS Job and not a Tank/Healer, to better the queue times for the Low Level dungeons (DPS are a dime a dozen and often have to wait awhile before they can enter a dungeon. Adding a new DPS Job made a 15-25 minute wait sky rocket to around one to two hours).

    • I also just started playing again last night actually and i’m still leveling my character. Told my dungeon party it was the first time i’ve done this run and I haven’t played the game in 8 months. They were all happy to do a complete run.

      • I only just started playing in late December and I didn’t really have any problems with people wanting to skip bosses or anything. Granted I’m a tank and they level sync the content so the group has no choice but to follow my lead.

        • Not skipping bosses, skipping trash mobs (that aren’t in your direction). Example being the first room in Aurum Vale. You can get some nice exp from there, but due to the Zodiac quest, some tanks have tried to skip those monsters.

          Also, expect to be forced into speed runs in the level 50 dungeons if you’re a Black Mage or Bard.

  • I also came back, and have been lvling whm. I have a 50 dragoon, but the wait times for DPS just make me want to skip other jobs hehe. Rogue has been fun to play, but once again the 30+min wait times are just annoying.

    • I think I will be going back soon. Maybe when heavensward release? I almost completed my weapon for my monk then I stopped playing last time. Was at Garuda Hard mode and team was derping too much and never completed it. Maybe I should start running a Tank :/

      • I’d suggest going back now dude so you dont feel rushed when Heavensward comes… I was at the same point as you when I stopped. I resubbed this December and I’m so glad I did… I’m almost ready for Heavensward 😀

    • Can be easily fixed by queueing up with friends leveling an alt healer or tank ^^ If you’re in Tonberry I’d gladly help you out!

  • In Tonberry wait times for DPS on Low Level Duty Roulette is 20-30 minutes during peak, 5-10 minutes for Expert, 5-15 for Trials. I have noticed a discrepancy between ranged and melee DPS though, with ranged getting on average shorter queue times. I know they implemented seperate DPS queues for the Wolf’s Den PvP, but does anyone know if they moved that to all queues?

    The bottleneck for low level dungeons will be healers for anything pre-lv30.

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