I Wish My Mum Would Make Me A 53,000 Cross-Stitch Chrono Trigger Tapestry

Look I love my Mum. She's great. She raised me, provided food and shelter. But at no point did she give me a hand-stitched Chrono Trigger tapestry that took her a year to create.

Big fail in my opinion.

This tapestry took Reddit user Strifeprime's Mum a year of work. It has 53,000 stitches and it's absolutely gorgeous.

Interestingly, on this Reddit thread, Strifeprime admits to crying a bit when he received the gift, saying that he was "not afraid to admit as a 33 year old man that I broke down a little bit". I am the exact same age, and I completely understand. It's interesting how profoundly games like Chrono Trigger and Secret of Mana affected an entire generation of gamers.

What an incredible gift.


    It would be interesting to have an app that creates a "Paint By Numbers" outline.
    Get that printed on canvas, then colour it in and frame the result.

    ... Can I have one please? Made, possibly, out of Lego? @mum

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