If Star Wars Characters Played Soccer...

Does soccer/football/soccerball exist in the Star Wars universe? Probably not, but if it did? I'm guessing there'd be some seriously styling kits. Spanish artist Nerea Palacios agrees. She's created tailor made Star Wars kits for specific characters and they're gorgeous.

Specifically, I love the way that each strip is instantly recognisable. You can guess which kit belong to which character instantly, yet they don't feel gimmicky. I could actually see myself wearing some of these kits in real life. Um, maybe not the Chewbacca one, but the Darth Vader one? Definitely. Darth's kit actually looks a little like a Germany away kit. Super sleek and sexy.

Darth Vader

See! Very German-like. I'd love to play in a strip like this.


Instantly recognisable. Maybe not wearable.


Love this one.

Han Solo

My second favourite kit after Darth Vader's.

Princess Leia

Clean, white, recognisable. Rad.



You can check out more of Nerea's work here.


    These jerseys look great. So where can I buy them?

    Vader looks awesome.
    I like the detail of having the sliver leg for C3-PO. Its a nice touch.

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