If You Love Horror Games But Can't Muster The Courage To Play Them, I'm Here To Help

Briefly: Over on my YouTube channel, I'll be playing all sorts of horror games in the future. I'm kicking things off by trying to survive Five Nights at Wario's. What could go wrong?!


    This doesn't sit right with me for some reason.
    "Hey, come look at my youtube channel." That's the whole article.
    It just seems like an inappropriate use of writer privileges, you know? It's like, what's next? "Hey, check out my friend's website"?

    Am I going a little silly here, or does this feel amiss to anyone else?

      i was expecting an article. i'm not even going to bother watching the video.

      Yeah. I don't usually care when Kotaku US posts a one sentence article or something that has nothing to do with games/anime, and I get that finding an audience is hard so I understand why someone would use everything at their disposal to promote their channel, but this just seems like bad form. I guess it doesn't help that it's presented as yet another 'watch me pretend to be scared' YouTube channel. At least get another writer to frame it as a recommendation.

    I will admit that while I like watching commentary of video games, I thought that this article would have tips on how to muster up the willpower to continue through a horror game and not just a link to someone else playing it.

    Last edited 22/01/15 8:15 pm

    Meh, he must have permission or he wouldn't do it. The 'spookin' vids are pretty good if you haven't seen them. I recommend you do if you haven't.

    Does this mean they are not live? I was under the impression youtube couldn't stream content....maybe im behind the times.

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