I'm Very Jealous Of This Pretty New 3DS

I'm Very Jealous Of This Pretty New 3DS

Europe often gets a bum deal when it comes to Nintendo gear. So it's cool seeing the company throw the region a bone with this gorgeous new 3DS handheld, one that's as beautiful as it is limited.

Some members of Club Nintendo in Europe - not all of them, says Eurogamer - are being invited to buy a "Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Edition" ahead of the New 3DS' 2015 launch. It's white, which is always a good start when it comes to handheld attractiveness, but it's also got Nintendo's old old kanji logo on the top, one that these days is normally only seen on football shirts, which is a nice touch.

In addition to the console itself, those opting to buy one will also get a 4GB memory card, charging dock and matching Smash Bros cover.

I'm Very Jealous Of This Pretty New 3DS


    So it's basically a case that people are going to copy and counterfeit?

    I just got a New 3DS over the xmas break (not as a gift, but because I had a water related accident in my bag while watching boxing day movies).

    I'm a little disappointed on how easily the white is stained (damn you, jean pockets!), and how quickly my plum Luigi faceplate got visible scuffs...

      It's what put me off getting a white 3DS XL

      Not good to hear. I've managed to keep it stain-free (and changed the coverplates to the Boo coverplates https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NmIQRbHKnII) but Im always inspecting it for stains/marks :/

        Definitely being alot more vigilant now, not putting it in pockets or playing with hands that are too dirty. Considering changing to a hardcover case though, right now just using a softcover pouch, though I'm still surprised about the amount scuffs on my cover plates even with it on.

          At the least Im ok in that, if I get a kink/dent somewhere on the coverplate(s), I can replace those. I had 2 dents on my old 3DS XL and they stood out like a huge sore thumb...

            How does one dent Nintendo plastic?!

              Belt buckle (thrown accidentally on top of it on the bed) and I forget how the other one happened. The plastic on the 3DS XL isnt as durable as they have been in the past

    They realy need to hurry up, my birthday is in 6 weeks

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