In Japan, The Vita Has More Upcoming Games Than Any Other Console

In Japan, The Vita Has More Upcoming Games Than Any Other Console

Overseas, the PS Vita continues to struggle, but in Japan, things are looking better for Sony's handheld.

Things have not been easy for the little portable console ever since its launch over 3 years ago. One of the biggest complaints early on after the Vita's release was the lacklustre library of games. However, since then, things have picked up somewhat. While it has yet to release a million-selling game in Japan, the selection has become robust enough that I no longer feel embarrassed for it when I walk through the Vita section of my local game store.

Not only that, but looking at the schedule of upcoming game releases, the number of games coming out for each console shows a rather stark contrast.

Number of games scheduled for release in Japan up to the end of March:

3DS: 17

Wii U: 2

PSP: 6

PS Vita: 39

PS3: 22

PS4: 22

Xbox 360: 4

Xbox One: 8

Yes, while the Vita does have the most games coming out, that doesn't mean that it's going to rake in the most in terms of game sales — Nintendo has proven time and time again that it continues to reign in that area. Still, more games does indicate more developer confidence in the system, which can hopefully lead to more killer games on the system down the line.

The PS Vita is still trudging uphill outside of Japan, especially considering the difference in handheld console popularity between cultures. Even so, it's nice to see that it's got a relatively secure foothold on its home ground and that its library is expanding.


    Pity they didn't localise more, looking at you SEGA.

    I think you have problems, when there are more planned X360 and even PSP at this stage in Japan then they are Wii U releases...

      Oh no they're doomed, its over for 2015, bla bla bla

        Nah, that still have the contracting handheld market to fall back on, but the point stands...

        10 year old hardware has more planned titles than something that is just over 2 years old... That isn't just the fault of Nintendo, but 3rd parties obviously see more value elsewhere.

          But there's no context with these numbers: how many are new games and not just ports? Or unreleased in Japan but already available in other regions? How many are actually games worth playing? How many are potentially really big sellers that wouldnt make any sense to release a game out at the same time (unless you want fewer sales)? And as stanvangundy mentions below, how many are really games?

          Not that the numbers really matter to me: I'm still playing Hyrule Warriors and will be for the foreseeable next few months so Im in no rush to buy another (or even 39!!111) games

            I know what you are trying to say, but that argument also works both ways... "what if" the only 2 planned releases for the Wii U were up-ports or games not worth playing.

            In regards to how many are actually games? Why does that matter? It's still content that is planned to be released for a platform, there is nothing stopping that same different type of content releasing on any other platform (aside from resources from the publishers, but that still comes back to seeing the Wii U as a less-than desirable option)... In fact, Visual Novels would be great on the Wii U with offscreen play.

          I would say it's the fault of nintendo. They promised 2014 to be a good year - it wasn't.
          Its not user friendly, tech sucks compared to ps4, and the games library is sparse. I have every single playstation and nintendo console released and have to say the Wii u is the worst. I basically gave away my wii u - the first console I've ever gotten rid of.

    Stan, not as many as you'd think. I've ended up making a Japanese PSN account and importing most of the games because they either never get localized or the localisation is utter crap.

    Niche moe games from all the usual players. It's the PSP all over again and I love it.

    Last edited 09/01/15 9:52 am

    My Vita is great. I have more games that I can possibly find time for and they are actual great games not shovel ware. It is like my Wii U. I don't get the hate especially now that I have had one for a while.
    Both are fantastic platforms. People just repeat negativity ad-nausea like robots I guess.

      It's a carry over from console wars... one feels better putting down money for an expensive console when you can contrast it w/ a "crappier" one.

      That and it's the N64 - Nintendo is only kiddy stigma. I don't think Ninty will ever get over that one.

        No they won't and it is annoying. When I was in high school people used to tell me the GameCube is a kids machine and I should get (though I had) an Xbox or PS2. I used to tell them that Rogue Squadron and Eternal Darkness are not kiddy in the slightest. People are idiots.

          Indeed. But it doesn't really stop people from thinking it will. As for "kiddy" I'll also just point to the RE:Remake which was one of the launch titles and RE4.

          What amuses me is GC had technically superior graphics wise compared to PS2 and on par w/ Xbox but when RE:4 came out on PS2 I did not hear one bit of bitching on the reduced enemies, lack of fog (which ruined some of the sections) and general reduction in quality. Heck I even had people telling me the PS2 was "better" only because it was on PS2 =/ And yet these days you hear so much crap about how "Wii U" looks "inferior" <.

            Yeah sorry I did use those arguments, but we could go for days. I like throwing the Mario Kart 8 is actual 720p 60fps and new smash bros is 1080/60 not upscaled BS.
            Its all about the art, coding and approach. But hey, Nintendo suck right?

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