It Just Got A Lot Easier To Make 8-Bit Art

Making 8-Bit art is a 'thing'. It's been a 'thing' people have been doing for a while now. By a 'thing' I totally mean the whole nostalgia-induced Generation: Scott Pilgrim thing of trying to recreate fuzzy feelings of childhood through fake 8-Bit art. That is a 'thing' and this website just made it a whole lot easier.

The site is called 'Make 8-Bit Art'. It's a simple (totally free) drawing tool. It's pretty basic, but I had a blast just messing around with it.

I can definitely see us using this site for a competition in the near future.


    Exceptional typos.

    Edit: Awwww! Oh well, while this site lets young people make cool art about things they never experienced, I prefer to leave mega man where he belongs, in my youth.... Or in ssb4...

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    Not sure why pixel art always has the reputation of existing solely for nostalgia. Perhaps it began that way, but it is a legitimate art style that is used effectively by many talented people...

      If you're talking about Metal Slug / SNK sprites, I'd agree with you. Most of today's indie games are just shitty pillow-shaded pixel art, making it not worthy of being called legitimate.

        It's definitely a style that those with limited art skills tend to gravitate to, though I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing. There are plenty of worthwhile indie gaming experiences that have been made possible with the possibilities of rudimentary pixel based art.

        I'll agree that it's used a little too much as a crutch in some cases, but that's coming from someone who's done computer graphics for 15 or so years, so my perspective may be a little skewed.

        Incidentally, if you want to do Pixel art, you'd be much better of with Spriter. The basic version is also free and it's a bit more feature-rich

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    Very cool, but it is missing one absolutely essential tool in pixel art: the ability to zoom out.

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