It's Official: No More Pulling Out Your LAN Cable To Kill Crota

It's Official: No More Pulling Out Your LAN Cable To Kill Crota

Farewell, hilarious Destiny exploit that allowed us to kill Crota by pulling out a LAN cable and watching him enter a permanent state of paralysis as we danced around his big dumb green head.

As of today — as of right now! — the Crota cheese is fixed, as are a bunch of other exploits Destiny players have been using to grind through Crota's End, the game's newest raid. Still no explanation as to why we have to go summon and fight Crota after destroying his soul in the story mission The Awakening, but, hey, if it made sense, it wouldn't be Destiny.

I for one can't wait to see what kind of cheese people come up with next. By Wednesday we'll probably have a whole new set of exploits to use, which serves Bungie right for making it take like 2039482304823928 radiant shards to hit level 32.


    New 'cheeses' are already being posted on various forums and video sites (you can go find them yourselves ;) ). I personally don't get it and like to do things the legit way but how they keep finding weird new glitches and bugs is a testament to.......I don't know, something?

      New cheeses? Already? Ugh, that's terrible! Which sites are they on? There's so many of them! Which ones are they posted on? You know, so I know to avoid them...

    They should have added an animation showing Crota going and plugging in a giant cable should the host disconnect.

    It's official: No one uses LAN cables with their consoles. The real cheese was to dashboard.

    Almost all the regulars I've played with over the past 5 months have quit Destiny, so I've got nobody left to raid with. Every time I try LFG I end up with people who don't know the first thing about the mechanics of the raid and are allergic to things like the relic in the Vault of Glass so I've given up on that. Soloing the raid thanks to some of these cheeses was literally the only thing I still enjoyed about Destiny. Ah well. I guess I got my money's worth.

    I appreciate cheese in cutting down time when you can't be arsed doing it right, but Crota really isn't that hard that you need to cheese him, in fact Crota is probably the easiest part of the raid, the deathsinger is the real b*tch

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