Japan's Infamous 'Robot Restaurant' Is Coming To Sydney!

The Tokyo Robot Restaurant is one of the most OTT attractions that Japan has to offer (which is really saying something). The cabaret-style show includes bikini clad dancers, futuristic robots and enough neon lighting to make your head explode. Next month, the restaurant's crazy entourage will be rolling into Sydney for two nights of sensory-savaging mayhem. Here are the details!

Photo: Getty Images

To celebrate the launch of its 13-day Japan Unrivalled trip, youth travel brand Contiki will be bringing the Japanese Robot Restaurant to Sydney for two nights of fembot-themed insanity. According to the Contiki blurb, here's what punters can expect:

For two nights only on Monday 23 February and Tuesday 24 February, Robots Unrivalled will deliver an eye-popping slice of Japanese culture and is certain to be one of the weirdest, wackiest and most wonderful dinners Sydney has ever seen. Patrons will marvel as they’re taken on a futuristic journey to the sheer edge of insanity, whilst feasting on delicious and authentic Japanese food and beverages.   This "take no prisoners" performance will include amazing dance routines set to thumping J-Pop beats, more fluorescent colours than should ever be allowed in one place, as many lasers as can possibly fit and of course, huge futuristic robots doing battle as they attempt to destroy mankind once and for all. Or at least give great entertainment for an hour.

This video gives a taste of the weirdness Sydneysiders will be subjected to:

The Robots Unrivalled show will take place on 23 and 24 February. You can head to Contiki.com to register your interest. Tickets will go on sale later in the month.


    Yet another reason why Japanese culture is the greatest and I hope it pervades deep into Western society. I, for one, welcome our Japanese overlords.

      I've visited and it's not representative of Japanese culture, the robot restaurant is weird even to them. It's like foreigners thinking Aussie culture is captured by Dracula's cabaret, or that Thailand is defined by ping pong shows. The robot restaurant is fun and but it's basically a tourist trap that plays to Japanese stereotypes. What's more unusual in Japan are the little things that are normalised over there.

      Last edited 19/01/15 4:56 pm

    What does OTT stand for? As someone often shocked by Japanese culture, I'm scared to know.

      Over the top.

        Really? I guess words are hard...

          Indeed. Pointless abbreviations are one of my pet peeves these days.

            OTT's pretty old, it's one my mum used to always use. Like, pre-mobile days.

        No no no. Octopus Time Traveller. To molest you in the past and future! :)

    I was just there this month! That place is crazy! Must see in Japan and now Sydney.

    Holy crap! That first photo just screams "JAPAN"...

    I saw the restaurant on an episode of Good Game, and it was indescribable...

      Iv'e been there in Tokyo... Indescribable isn't the right word :P

    yeh but i dont tink it will take off in sydney

    needa get on some acid and go to this thing

    I don't recall a gundam statue being there, isn't that the one in front of odaiba mall?

    If so probably shouldn't be in the article as to raise ones hopes of gun dam cabaret.

      Seriously. I thought "Robot Restaurant" was talking about the Gundam cafe

    As someone who's been to the robot restaurant: ZOMG, YOU HAVE TO GO, THAT SHIT IS BANANAS.

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