Jason's Top 10 Games Of 2014

Jason's Top 10 Games Of 2014

2014 was a year. There were video games. Here are my favourites.

Jason's Top 10 Games Of 2014


Perfect. Addictive. Timeless.

Jason's Top 10 Games Of 2014


It's hard to imagine that a tiny free-to-play digital card game could be so accessible, addictive, and thoroughly satisfying to play. Nice work, Blizzard.

Jason's Top 10 Games Of 2014


Simultaneously the best and worst game of the year. The game that I complain most about, yet also the game I'll keep playing the most through 2015. I'm playing it right now.

Jason's Top 10 Games Of 2014


Amazing story. Evil stuffed bear. What more could you ask for?

Jason's Top 10 Games Of 2014

Dragon Age Inquisition

Kirk already wrote like 17,000 words about this game, so go read that.

Jason's Top 10 Games Of 2014

Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy

Layton's best adventure... and, sadly, his last. I could keep playing these games every year until the end of time.

Jason's Top 10 Games Of 2014

South Park: The Stick of Truth

Would have been nice if there were fewer moments ripped directly from the show — and I could've done without the glitches — but this game is just straight-up candy for fans of South Park and RPGs. I am both.

Jason's Top 10 Games Of 2014

Persona Q

Resource management games are great. Persona is great. This game is great. Punishing, but great.

Jason's Top 10 Games Of 2014

Shovel Knight

The game Capcom would make if they actually knew what they were doing.

Jason's Top 10 Games Of 2014

Bravely Default

Even a terrible ending sequence can't ruin 20 hours of amazing old-school JRPG action.


    Bravely default came out last year? Or is this using the US dates now?

      Written by a US author for US audience like most articles here.

        Don't they normally say when it's from Kotaku US?

          Sometimes but not usually, it's been like this when Kotaku AU started. The Australian articles will usually have tags saying so.

    A terrible ending can absolutely ruing an old-school JRPG.
    So can a terrible main character, TIZ.
    And.... the "Bravely/Default" system which effectively boiled down to two options:
    - brave 4x on every character to clear trash encounters
    - default up to 4 turns on every boss and then brave 4 times in a row

    The idea seemed cool, and then you realize that there is basically no real tactics to play around with for the bravely/default system. Nothing any more special than classic "guard/attack". There is also no disincentive for boss with a huge HP base to not just brave 4 times and murder your characters. Enemies/bosses should't brave/default.

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