Kid Calls 911 Over PlayStation Network Outage

Kid Calls 911 Over PlayStation Network Outage

Sony's PSN service had some problems over Christmas. For most this was an inconvenience, but for one kid from Florida, it was more of an emergency.

WPTV reports that a teen decided to call 911 and ask "Do you know about the whole thing that's going on with the PlayStation Network?"

The operator, unsure exactly what's going on at first, asks their colleagues for more information, before telling the kid to maybe go and call Sony instead.

Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office later tweeted a partial transcript of the exchange:

Sony PlayStation outage prompts 911 call in Palm Beach County [WPTV, thanks Jason!]


    Geebus fsck man. I'm not one prone to swearing but I wish to goddess there should honestly be a way to get idiots like those bitch slapped or possibly horribly hurt and then made to call 911 and then be subjected to a "line is busy" for a few hours while the person waits in agony

    Every dumbass prank call like that means that's one person on the line w/ a real emergency out there is unable to get access to medical help =/

      OMG this is a outrage! Child prank calls emergency telephone line!

      On a more serious note sure it is a shit thing to do but you know... he's a child and kids do stupid things like this all the time without considering/caring about the consequences.

        I have heard stories of adults calling 911 because they only got 5 chicken nuggets instead of 6 in their meal that could feed a small country, or their cable tv is out or they didn't like the person who served them at CostCo, or their pizza was late. Many examples of stupidity from adults who should know better.

        The thing is I'm getting utterly sick of "kids do shit things" as an excuse for outright stupidity and lack of responsibility.

        I get that kids will make mistakes. But at the same time kids are not as "dumb" as adults would like to portray them as. A crank call to 911 or any emergency line goes beyond "a mistake". That's intent to be stupid and emergency lines are just that.. to be used for emergencies.

        Again it's easy to say "oh shit like this happens all the time!" now imagine if YOU or a FAMILY MEMBER is the one trying to reach the emergency line either for yourself or an injured family member and it's inconveniently tied up? Would you be just as forgiving to the kid doing the crank call?

      It was harsh for someone to downvote you.

      It's just a kid but the parents should have kept him in a dungeon so he wouldn't misuse a phone.

        They don't need to a dungeon. Just teach common sense, a sense of responsibility or apply some parental authority. Just *one* of those three is enough. Even better if you can apply all 3!

    It is stupid and obviously misinformed. But it was probably a young kid I just wondering if "try going outside or reading a book" was really needed?

      YES!! Blame the parents for not teaching the kid what 911 is for

      What the hell is wrong with the kid? I never called 000 as a prank. I was taught that it's a stupid thing to do.

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