Law And Order: SVU Is Doing Another Episode That Touches On Video Games, T

Briefly: Law and Order: SVU is doing another ripped-from-the-headlines episode that touches on video games, this one focused on a female game developer determined to release her creation amidst a storm of online harassment.



    Well, that was brief alright. I read that paragraph in the list of articles, where usually it just posts a small exert to get you interested. I then came here to read more, and found out there was no more to the article...

      Yeah, takes a bit to get used to having your hopes at reading something interesting/informative/contemplative unfulfilled, but it's good to see you're coping well...

    SVU Writer: "Hey boss, should we do a storyline involving this whole 'Women in Video Games' thing?"

    Boss: "Let's wait until there's just about no one left that cares anymore...."

    So in that case it would actually be

    Law and Order: Special VictimLESS Unit Spoilt Princess Edition.

    Everybody looks so angry in that photo. Maybe they are annoyed when people end sentences abruptly with T,

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