Life Is Strange Doesn't Want Its World To Feel Real

It wants to create a world that absorbs your own memories of being a teenager, apparently. And when you consider how Life is Strange seems to focused on evoking a sense of nostalgia, that makes perfect sense.

Today the DONTNOD team working on Life Is Strange released its final developer diary. This last episode focuses on the art style, the world, and how the team hopes its vision for that world will affect the player. It's fascinating stuff about an interesting video game.

It's the kind of game I want to root for, but I do worry about some of the cringey dialogue, and the hand-me-down indie aesthetics. I thought Gone Home was a great example of a video game that lived in that space but still managed to maintain its own unique identity. I'm hoping Life Is Strange can follow suit, particularly since it's being backed by a big publisher (Square-Enix). I'd love to see more publishers invest in weird, off-kilter games. Ubisoft has had a lot of success in this realm, no reason why the other big boys can't do the same.


    After Remember Me, I'm pretty sure anything they do is going to be brilliant.

    This game looks extremely interesting and promising so while one part of me says "wait and see how it reviews" and I'm wary of any episode/early release games (except for Telltale) maybe I should just jump in and buy the season pass anyway.

      Yeah, I'm going to get it on PS4 tomorrow, I think. Take a chance on something a bit different. At the very least Remember Me had some incredible world building.

    I saw this on Steam the other day. I couldn't believe it was so close to being out, and so cheap.

    I'm not buying games, but if I was, I'd have picked this up already just from the trailers.

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