Life-Size Pac-Man Maze Unhinges Jaw, Consumes Los Angeles

Life-Size Pac-Man Maze Unhinges Jaw, Consumes LA

It could be said that Los Angeles is an urban maze, a sprawl of overlapping, interlocking grids and dumpster-strewn dead ends. Yesterday, you could have also said it was a Pac-Man maze. Because it was.

The maze was put together to be used in — of all things — a Bud Light beer commercial that will apparently air during the Super Bowl, according to LAist. It's part of their "Up For Whatever" campaign, and will feature some dude turning into a coin and blah blah blah beer whatever snoooooore. Sorry. I am here to tell you about giant Pac-Man mazes, not narrate beer commercials with the worst slogans ever.

The maze looks really neat, though! I hope Bud Light decides to film their next commercial in my back yard.

Picture: LA Fashion District


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