Looks Like The New 3DS Is Coming Out Next Month In The US

Looks Like The New 3DS Is Coming Out Next Month

Rumour suggests Nintendo's New 3DS — a poorly-titled yet excellent hardware revision of the Old 3DS — will be officially announced for North America tomorrow, and that it will come out on February 13.

Though nothing is official yet, there's a lot of compelling evidence.

  • The above flier, via NeoGAF, showing a "2.13" release date.
  • A report from the fan website Gamnesia that also pegs the date as February 13.
  • Kotaku has heard from a number of GameStop sources that the retail chain is preparing to take reservations on the New 3DS starting tomorrow, though none of those sources were able to confirm that specific release date. [UPDATE (3:59pm): Shortly after publication of this article, a GameStop source confirmed to Kotaku that the above poster is real.]
  • Tomorrow at 9am Eastern there's a Nintendo Direct, followed by a media event in San Francisco. (Kotaku will be in attendance.)

Also: does that ad mean Majora's Mask 3D is coming next month too? We'll hear more in the morning. Stay tuned.


    Pfft, more like the OLD Nintendo 3DS, amirite?

      I think i remember a console coming out last November...

      Of course it's been so long, my memory is a little fuzzy.

      On the flipside, we did just get captain toad. That wasa bbizarre business decision!

      Last edited 14/01/15 11:52 am

      We still have a little while to bask in the whinging of the americans complaining about how they havent gotten it yet...

      As an importer of US consoles this hurts me :p

      Looking forward to getting my hands on one :D

    I'm kinda keen for a new 3DS - I actually like the 3D function and use it a lot but the narrow sweet spot is annoying. Also if the upgraded processor makes a decent difference I'd be extra keen as i noticed a fair few laggy moments during OOT 3DS and I'm a bit concerned around talk of MM being optimised for the new version. But the real question is... would be worth selling my special ed. LBW gold 3DS XL to get a new 3DS? :/

      The 3D does work really well, it's changed me from barely using it to mainly using it. I also noticed a significant speed boost when booting Smash Bros, so it wouldn't surprise me if there's similar improvements in Majora's Mask. It was worth the $100 or so to me after trading in my Old XL with a cracked case and a few games. But for you? I dunno. Maybe wait till there's a similarly cool new model?


        Just so badass!

        I went with the regular 3ds for the smaller form factor and switch able face plates, but that mh xl is pretty damned sweet!

          Yeh I love the snes throwback with the vanilla new 3DS

            Im also happy with the coverplates, especially my Boo one:

              Or how about suede?



        Yeh fair point, if there was a Majora's mask special 3DS XL i'd do it in a heartbeat but I really like the Link between worlds one :)

        Well there it is http://www.kotaku.com.au/2015/01/new-majoras-mask-3ds-xl-announced-and-its-beautiful/ Don't like it anywhere near as much as the Link Between Worlds one tho... :/

    I still can't believe we got it before the US. A chance to make desperate Americans pay a bucket to get an Aussie version console XD

    Wife is getting me one of the New 3DS Xl and Bravely Default for my birthday next month. Hoping a deal pops up before then.

      Harvey Norman is surprisingly helpful if you ask them to give you a better price, might be able to knock $50 off the 3DS.

    Is there a new Nintendo 3DS, the New Nintendo 3DS, or a new New Nintendo 3DS?

    That red XL they're getting looks nice. Still prefer the blue one that we got though.

    I got myself the blue nn3DS XL prior to Chrissy - have played less on it since I upgraded from an original 3DS - which would be right :/

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