Mario Kart Music Makes Classic Action Movie Car Chase Better

Ronin is one of those movies people talk about when they list the best car chase scenes in all of cinema. But those tense automotive sequences really needed was a change in soundtrack. Because Mario Kart tunes can improve just about anything.

The video above is the work of Josh Moore, who threw the Mount Wario track onto one of Ronin's pivotal car chases. The musical swap doesn't turn it entirely comedic, which is a nice bit of balancing. And it's even more entertaining if you imagine Robert DeNiro as Mario and Jean Reno as Luigi.


    Yeah, not gonna lie: this ain't doing anything for me.

    It could do with bad 80s or Euro 90s cop show music instead.

      Glad I'm not the only one that thought this was crap.

      Better without the music.

    That's surprisingly great. <3

    Oh god, having Toads Turnpike flashbacks!

    I love Mario Kart.
    I love Ronin.
    This video was crap.

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