McDonald’s Serves Up Cosplay In Taiwan

McDonald’s Serves Up Cosplay In Taiwan

Maid outfits. Flight attendant uniforms. People dressed as Dragon Ball characters. Nothing quite says the new year like cosplay at McDonald’s.

As reported on website Getjetso a few years back, staff at one McDonald’s in Taiwan dressed up on New Year’s Eve. The images spread like wildfire online, and now employees at other McDonald’s locales across the country are following suit, dressing up either around Christmas or during the New Year for special events.


Note that these type of cosplay outfits are not worn on a regular basis, but as part of a year-end promotion at select McDonald’s to drum up business. Below, you can see another image from ETtoday.

Picture: ETtoday

And here is a photo from this particular McDonald’s’ most recent cosplay.

Picture: ETtoday Travel

During the recent holidays, here’s a McDonald’s with cheerleaders. This is not a first in Taiwan.

Picture: Life

Via ETtoday, here’s one with Chucky — rather, Chuckies. You know, from Child’s Play.

Picture: ETtoday

Helmets, grade school backpack, little dude with a ‘stache, and Mr. and Mrs. Claus.

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Picture: Comyahoo

The inevitable Frozen cosplay.

Picture: ETtoday

One McDonald’s in Kaohsiung even morphed into an airport!

Pictures: Facebook

These cosplay events show no sign of stopping anytime soon. Expect even more McDonald’s restaurants in Taiwan to dress up at the end of 2015 and beyond.

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