Monument Valley Has Made $US5.8 Million And Sold Over 2.4 Million Copies

Game developers are reluctant to share sales data, usually because of contractual agreements and other legalities. So, when we do get numbers, you can't help be fascinated. In the case of Monument Valley, creator ustwogames has happily put its success into image form, providing some insight into what it takes to produce — and fund — a hit iOS game.

You can view the full breakdown on the Monument Valley dev blog, but here are the interesting bits.

iOS is by far and away the top platform. Despite the plethora of Android-powered devices out there, Apple's platform remains the more profitable target for game developers.

Unsurprisingly, launch day was the best in terms of sales, with Christmas the next big revenue-generating event. Note that the $US2 sale worked out well for the studio and didn't really have a detrimental effect long-term.

Yep, games cost money to make. The thing to remember is that the bulk of this is salaries — even game developers need to eat and live somewhere.

Monument Valley in Numbers [Monument Valley, via TechCrunch]


    Seriously though I am quite pissed that they are saying almost all android user pirated their game. The game was up on humble bundle and I am 100% sure the sales from there does not add into their calculations of 'sales'. There were almost 100k bundle sold as I remember but it is just not there in the graph.

      They didn't directly associate it with piracy. It was installs. If I buy and use on phone +tablet that's 1 sale but 2 installs.

        Actually they did.

        Ticks me off to no end.

        Btw if you read that article. They actually confirmed that a lot of the sales were not included in the percentage. The game was free on Amazon store and was sold 400k amount but excluded from the data. I would assume the humble bundle sales were ignored as well.

        Last edited 18/01/15 10:59 am

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