My Five New Year's Gaming Resolutions For 2015

New Year's Resolutions are normally focused on lifestyle changes — losing weight, eliminating habits, etc — but I thought it might be useful to write some gaming resolutions. Here are some of the bad habits I want to eliminate during the coming year, and some positive habits and I want to get myself into.

1. Play More Same Screen Multiplayer Games With Friends

Despite eating half my body weight in meat, here's what I did on New Year's Eve: I loaded up Steam on my living room TV, hooked up a bunch of controllers, and spent hours playing the silliest multiplayer games I could find. Nidhogg, Mount Your Friends, Starwhal — I had the best fun I've had in years, despite the varying quality of these games. It's strange, but I never really thought of my PC as a place where those sort of experiences could happen but, nowadays, it's just about the only place where it can actually happen. There are so many games that allow for those kind of same screen japes, and I could do with more of that hilarity in my life.

2. Give Up On Games I Don't Enjoy

Some games just aren't for everybody. I've spent more time than I care to remember playing games that I wasn't enjoying just because it was something I felt I had to 'be across'. That kind of thing will suck the life out of you. Take Dragon Age: Inquisition for example: 12 hours in and it's still not clicking with me. Did I really need to persist for so long with a game that just wasn't connecting with me? Life is short and so is my window of opportunity for gaming. I want the time I spend with video games to feel rewarding, I don't want to get caught up grinding, trying to convince myself I'm having fun just to be part of the conversation. That's a weird reason to play video games. I've wasted too much time engaging in that kind of behaviour. It stops now!

3. Seek Out Strange Gaming Experiences

Every Monday morning I trake through Steam in an attempt to find out what new games are coming out. At least two or three times a month I stumble across something weird and think, 'oh, I should check that out'. Then I just play Mario Kart 8 instead. There's nothing wrong with Mario Kart 8, Mario Kart 8 is top-notch, but every once in a while I reckon I should actually follow through and buy a couple of those strange games on Steam that elicit my curiosity. Yep, I'm going to do that more this year. Definitely.

4. Devote Myself To A Game I Actually Love For A Sustained Amount Of Time

My favourite gaming experience of 2014 was deciding to actually sit down and dedicate myself to Dark Souls to the exclusion of all other games until I finished it. In a strange way it was completely liberating. I didn't feel anxious about the games I wasn't playing, I didn't stress about not being up-to-date with the latest and greatest 'thing'. I just played a video game that I loved for a month. I'm pretty keen to do that all over again. Most likely that game will be Bloodborne.

5. Get Into Board Games

This is a very personal one. I feel as though I know next-to-nothing about board games. I want to change that. I want to play more tabletop games.

And those games don't need to necessarily be 'hardcore' games like Netrunner, I'm just as happy playing Balderdash or Say Anything. I think I just want to indulge a little more in the social aspect of sitting around a table with a group of friends and playing something. I'm hearing from a lot of people that Ticket To Ride is a good place to start, any other suggestions?

That's my gaming resolutions for 2015 — what are yours? Let us know in the comments below.


    I don't know how anyone could not do number 4. I would get so frustrated leaving a game I like half-completed.

    Without reading anyone else's response, this message is exactly what I thought of for the new years except for including streaming everything I play.

    For #5 - I really enjoyed playing Puerto Rico. It's fun particularly because it's not super obvious when you're doing badly, which means it remains fun throughout most plays (unlike Catan, which can be pretty dismal after you realise you started poorly and are now not in the running).

      I'm inclined to think the reason people recommend starting with Catan is more because of a vicious cycle where everyone had it recommended to them as a starting point and then they go on and recommend it to others as their starting point, rather than any real basis in quality. I think this phenomena should probably be dubbed the Monopoly effect.

      Catan isn't by any means a bad game (Monopoly is more open to debate), nor a terrible way to get into the hobby, but there are plenty of better options.

      I don't pretend to be the most knowledgeable guy when it comes to this stuff - I only really started getting into it seriously in the last few months too, but my favourite simple, elegant and family friendly game of the moment is The Castles of Mad King Ludwig, a game where you have a collection of rooms and construct an architecturally suspect castle from them. I think that would make for a great entry point into the wallet-emptying wonders of board gaming.

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    With regards to number 5, 'Betrayal at House On The Hill' is great fun.

    Not really into board games (yet), but my best mate came over on New Years and we had a blast with it. Every game is different as it's a tile game where you build your own haunted mansion, a room at a time. One of the characters eventually gets possessed by the house and betrays the others (it's random too, so you may get to play as the big bad), and the survivors need to work together to prevail. There's not always a happy ending either :-)

    Good times!

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    Points 1, 2 and 4 are so relevant to the way I have been feeling lately.

    Coop games are the ones I enjoy the most, and I feel myself not enjoying a heap of the other games I have bought but feel obligated to play them.

    Sunset overdrive, Dragon age, lords of the fallen are sitting there still and I cbf playing them.

    I am really looking forward to bloodborne though, Dark souls were awesome games.

    Good resolution on the board games. They're super addictive to get into. A friend of mine has an entire medium sized bookshelf dedicated to them, and they're still overflowing.
    If you're after some quick and simple tabletop games (cheating because these are mostly actually card games, but still counts!):
    - Love Letter, simple card game where you all have one card, and take turns picking up a new card and using the card's abilities. Last one standing, or the person with the best card at the end of the deck wins.
    - Coup, puts your bullshitting and poker face skills to the test. Similar to other games where you have to lie your way to success. Great fun.
    - Battlestar Galactica, hear me out, it's actually really fun despite being a licensed title. Humans have to reach the end of their journey while the secret Cylon players have to sabotage their efforts and wipe out the last remnants of humanity. Just casual genocide for a good night. Bit more advanced than the other two games, but worth the time to learn and play I think.
    - Cutthroat Caverns. You work together until the end and then stab each other in the back to make off with the most loot and claim victory. It's like 90% of the raiding experience in a board game.

    Agree with number 4.
    I hooked my wheel back into my pc, and have been having a blast with Euro Truck Simulator 2.
    You could also put "Try a new genre, or a different spin on a genre you already enjoy".

    If you are after some fun boardgames with groups of friends, outside of the hardcore zone, can i recommend:


    Cranium is sooo much fun...

    A few good tabletop games for starting out:

    Flashpoint: Fire Rescue - It's a co-op firefighting game, very easy to get started with, low pressure since you're playing together and can talk through strategies, much less intense than Pandemic, but still very fun.

    King of Tokyo: Fun, easy to show people, goes for about half an hour, plays sort of like Yahtzee (I haven't tried King of New York yet so I don't know if it's better or not)

    Trains: Played this at PAX and found it awesome. It's a deckbuilding game crossed with a eurogame, and is heaps of fun. Each game will have different sets of cards available making each game different, giving new strategies and decisions to make.
    Maybe not the best first game, but a very good second game.

    Also the 3 mentioned by blaket before:
    Love Letter gives you exactly 2 options every turn, it's a tiny game, a round only goes for a few minutes, but the game has surprising depth.
    Sushi Go: only played it once but found it fun and easy, also it was designed in Sydney which is cool.
    Ticket To Ride: A bigger game but still easy to learn but hard to master, always fun but requires concentration.

    My biggest recommendation would be to find people who want to play. If you have friends with games just ask to play them with them one day, if not look for some kind of board game group in your area and just ask to join in whatever game they'll be playing. You'll have people teaching you how to play, won't need to buy anything before you know what you're after, and will hopefully make some friends to keep playing with.

    Good luck!

    there has been plenty of mention of doing more co-op games, but for me, I need to dedicate more time to single player games. Co-op games have always been my priority (and likely will always be my main priority) and I'm lucky to have 4 or 5 blokes who want to play games as regularly as I do, it's almost part of our routine, work, excersice, dinner, time with the wife, when she's close to bed time, gaming for 2 or 3 hours before bed.
    Has worked well over the past 2 or 3 years now, but i've just got to a point where I have spent far too much time in multplayer games that we have all sort of grown tired of, and just found outselves hacking away at these games long after the awesomeness has worn off, just as 1 example, we spent far too much time in armour 2 & 3 with many many 2-3 hour sessions that were just boring and getting people angry. We have also bought games just because they are multiplayer and I still find myself spending bulk time in games i don't really enjoy just for the social aspect of it (at least as I near lvl 80 in GW2 i have found whilst i don't enjoy PvE crap at all, WvW is quite fun).

    Here's the shamefull part, whilst all this has been going on, I have a bunch of awesome single player games that I started, found that i really enjoyed the game, but ended up abandoning becuase i went to long between playing it and forgot what was going on or how to play it properly, 2 assassins creed titles, shadow of mordor, The walking dead to name a few.
    I won't list my full shame wall, but 3 titles that I am almost embarresed to admit I've purchased them but never even installed them:
    Batman: Arkham Origins
    Fallout: New Vegas
    The Witcher 2

    Some pretty high end titles I've been ignoring for quite a while...

    1. Uninstall The Simpsons: Tapped Out from my tablet (DONE!)
    2. Do not buy a new console until at least Xmas 2015

    So many good suggestions for board games, I began playing about 6 months ago with Settlers or catan and have slowly been trying out new things. One game I have to rec comend is Sentinels of the multiverse. Its a card game but my frI ends and I enjoy it immensely and can lose entire nights playing. I like the cooperative aspect and the comic book style and illustrations are quite cool. Plus you and whoever you play with get to be super heroes that take down (or get demolished by) super villains. That's what dreams are made of :)

    To finish more games, but only ones I enjoy! Only got back into the habit of finishing games late last year,and want to keep it up! Nearly finished Bioshock 2, so that's a start.

    Also, improving at Hearthstone and DOTA would be nice.

    Try Catan, it's a board game and fun to play with 3+ people.

    Sticking to my old year's resolution (2460 x 1600, thank you Titan + 30 inch 16/10) and my many year's old resolution of never, never, NEVER buying a game until honest reviews, patches and if necessary, mods are all in place... the AAA guys want to try and plant their alpha/barely beta junk builds on my pc, they can wait until they or somebody else fixes/finishes the damn things... lookin' at you Ubisoft, and those 'pc for pc players' frauds at Bioware/EA...

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