New 3DS XL Heading West In February, Smaller One MIA

New 3DS XL Coming To America In February, Smaller One MIA

The New 3DS is coming out on February 13, Nintendo just announced. This release date is no surprise given yesterday's leaks, but now it's official.

It looks like we're only getting the New 3DS XL — no smaller version. In a video presentation this morning, Nintendo America president Reggie Fils-Aime gave us a walkthrough of all the new bells and whistles, which include new shoulder buttons and a revamped 3D function that tracks your face — no more sweet spot!

The new system will cost $US200. Our Japan folks say it's great. It will be available in both red and black when it launches, and it won't include an AC adaptor, so keep your old 3DS ones around.


    Double article localization fail here. Not only is the system out here (not mentioned in the article, it only mentions japan), but the EU release of the system DOES include the small one.

    That seems very odd. We got the New 3DS and XL at the same time. What possible reason could they have for delaying the non-XL version in the US?

      Maybe there was a low uptake on the regular 3ds XL due to people anticipating an upgraded hardware version. If that were the case, then people would probably be more likely to upgrade to the XL version. That's what I did, the screen size difference between the regular 3ds and the new 3ds XL is impressive, even with the same screen resolution.

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