New Fire Emblem Announced For 3DS

New Fire Emblem Announced For 3DS

The team behind Fire Emblem Awakening is making a new game for 3DS, Nintendo just announced. Though this game will be developed by Intelligent Systems, Nintendo says it will play differently than the last one, including challenges "the likes of which have never be seen in the series up until now."

No word on a name or release date yet, though it's called "Fire Emblem If" in Japan.


    I've wanted armies in the background, I finally have that. Very keen!

    The character models have feet! Insta-buy!

    I hope it doesn't play significantly different to Awakening - it was brilliant.

    Sweet! I hope it does have giant monster characters or boss fights! That would be awesome!

    Looks good, i still have to pickup Awakening for 3Ds but i'm wondering how challenging they'll make it? More like the Snes era Fire Emblem's would be interesting =)

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