New Majora's Mask 3DS XL Announced, And It's Beautiful

New Majora's Mask 3DS XL Announced, And It's Beautiful

If you were planning on holding out on the New 3DS XL for a Zelda special edition, then Nintendo's got you covered. Not only is Majora's Mask 3D coming out on February 13 — same day as the New 3DS XL — it's also getting a gorgeous special edition that will be out the same day.

Guess I need to buy a New 3DS. Check this out:


    Call me crazy, but I don't really like that faded print look. The gold is great, but the design is a bit eh.

      Not alone man, it just seems like this is the base template for custom models - its way better when they do a full on customisation like the LBW one.

        LBW was an absolutely beautiful design, agreed.

      It's a 3d render. The real one will look nicer

        I arrived at this opinion especially after seeing the Nintendo America guy holding one in the Direct.

      you are all nuts. this is lovely. and I want it.....even though just picked up a new 3ds xl in metallic blue.

    Prefer the Monster Hunter one but am rather annoyed as I just purchased a N3DS Xl yesterday afternoon...

    Any word on a australian release? For this and the special edition of the game?

      Already preorded.

        Surely someone'll sell a bundled version? Or is that wishful thinking?

    As someone who always buys the smaller model I'm really disappointed it's XL only

      Comment retracted.

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        Eh? What makes you think that?

        @NintendoAUNZ's Tweet:

          I know that's official and all, but i'm still gonna doubt it until i can actually put cash on it.


            Pretty sure it'll be up on for preorder on EB Games at the least. You prob wont be able to buy it in store on the day (cause EB Games loooves dem preorders) but you'll still get your hands on it

              I had a look at eb online, 1 hour ago there was only the standard edition game there.

            It's been up for pre-order on the Australian EB Games website since 9am AEST...

          Just paid for it from Ebgames online :D
          Thanks for that link to that pic before.

        It is available in Australia. I just preordered one on EB Games website. They're not sold out at time of writing this comment.

        its available for preorder at eb doofus. sorry for calling you a doofus.

    Eh. Kind of want, but it's a bit disappointing.

    I was really hoping for it to be purple, gold is pretty meh.

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      Agreed, I got the Link Between Worlds one and its super nice (and looks really custom) - but I was considering selling it to upgrade if this happened, I'm really not sold tho... If i didn't have any kind of 3DS already I'd consider it but I love my LBW XL... man I really hope MM 3D isn't significantly worse on the older systems :(

      legend. pre-ordered! thanks mate.

    Came out about 20 minutes ago in the EB website. Have made my order successfully!

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    annnnnnd pre-ordered.

    pre-ordered from eb. $316 delivered. now we play the waiting game. thankfully it's only a month away =].

      Delivery is $66? wtf.

        delivery was $7.80. the game itself was $60.

          Oh right. I thought you meant it was $316 just for the console.

    So is it true that the Australian version doesn't come with the game, but the European version comes with Majora's Mask preloaded?

    Does anybody know if it's worthwhile to order a UK New 3ds XL and get the game included? Are there any region specific locks on the 3ds?

      Yeah it's true that the AU version doesn't come with the game, the box says the game is sold separately.

      We're the same region as the UK so you should be fine to import if you want.

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      I found that just utterly pathetic.
      I've been waiting for Monster Hunter 4 to see if it would come in a bundle, instead they release a limited edition XL console with game not included. So looks like it's just gonna be New 3DS + game for me.
      I've learnt not to preorder games from EB anymore as Big W and JB will always have it cheaper. JB has MM and MH4 on their website both for $59.

      Yes, but the base UK 3DS XL costs 180 quid (~$340), whereas ours is only $250. You're still getting it cheaper even if purchasing separately here.

        Thanks for the info, Pre-ordered!

    Apparently you also need to buy an AC adaptor seperatley for it. Yay.

      It's the way all the New 3DSs are, there's a lot of people complaining about that on Neogaf. The way I look at it is - they could have included the AC adaptor and charged $275, and half the people who bought it wouldn't have needed the adaptor because they already have one. Or they just split the AC adaptor off and you can choose the buy it for $15 extra, or just get the base console for $250. I think it benefits a lot of people.

      Still, I'm sure there's going to be kids burnt when they get that baby home and find out that not only is the game not included, but they can't even charge the thing. :O

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        I don't believe they dropped the price since not including a cable.

        The new 3DS XL costs exactly the same as what I paid for my old 3DS XL.

          ...yeah, you're right. The XL launched for $250 in Australia back in 2012. Hmmm... that sucks. I guess Nintendo are saying the New 3DS XL should cost more at launch than a XL did, but then it's really a bit overpriced isn't it. :/

            Nintendo have never been big fans of dropping the prices on things.

            I was mentioning it to my wife the other day when Ruby and Sapphire came out that its best to buy them on a day one sale because with Nintendo the price doesn't drop.

            X and Y are still 60 bucks!

        I haven't owned a 3ds since the first 3D model came out so this is definately news to me. I am not 'too' dissapointed because they do have their reasons.

      It's been like that in most other regions since the original 3DS.

    I've already preordered one. I didn't purchase the new xl when it first came out hoping there would be special edition. Was lucky enough to have an order for the special edition of the game too.

    And they're gone. Damn this modern game commerce stuff. Surely I'm not the only one that remembers the days when there was more than enough special editions to buy for months after release, and ebay copies were legit second-hands rather than scalper shops.

      There was a period where they printed more special editions than there was demand (I remember seeing the Driver 3 limited edition with car toy shelf-warming for years), but on that point... limited/special editions shouldn't be dime a dozen.

        Every game that is published by Ubisoft have massive amount of limited edition available to the point that it drop price in 2 months.

    When I was going to get preorder one from JB, they sold out... :(

      In stock, get it quick!

    Went to jb at pacific fair today and preordered. They had a few left.

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