New Theory About Destiny's Universe: Time Is A Circle

Just playing Destiny as the shooting-grind it can often amount to won't tip you off to some of its cooler details. You might never guess the connections to the Dark Souls series or the impacts of some of its other lore.

But TerraMantis is back with more things about Bungie's latest game that you might not have known about, and they're just as fascinating, particularly the note it ends on (starting at 6:23).

Here's your rundown:

10. You can shoot the weapons off of enemy dropships

9. The blue and yellow shader, 18327496-64703388, matches a coordinate to Sweden, the national flag of which is also blue and yellow.

8. Vex minotaurs have three eyes.

7. The Tharsis Junction station in Destiny seems to be a reference to the Tharsis Montes set of three mountains on Mars. (More on that to come.*)

6. You can shoot your own foot as long as you're in water.

5. The Thrall and Ogres are related.

4. The gunsmith located in the tower, Banshee-44, seems to have had his memory wiped up to 44 times, referenced in his name.

3. The Titan class trainer in the tower, Zavala Tzu, recites a line similar to lines in The Art Of War, a military treatise by general Sun Tzu.

2. Hunter exotic helm is yet another reference to Dark Souls.

1. A theory on how the Destiny universe is cyclical.* (Skip to 6:23 for this one.)

So I guess Destiny really is all about repeating the same things, over and over again.


    The thralls and ogre are related? Uh...yeah. All Hive enemies are related. If you see acolytes and knights and so on without their armor they are almost identical. They just have different types of armour on. Watch for when their helmets fall off etc if u get a good headshot etc.


    Shooting dropship guns can be handy, especially for the few scenarios where Hive dropships hang around.

    Also, I hope Bungie do have more threads to tie this together.

    One of the things I loved about Marathon 1 & 2 were the malfunctioning AI characters, and those text-based terminal updates. They're very similar to the Grimoire - a lot less opaque and generally less cryptic, though, as they progressed the in-game story and fed history/lore of the Marathon universe.

    That Marathon, Halo & now Destiny are all dealing with very similar players on a somewhat similar game board sort of makes this huge story exciting. Hopefully they'll finally encapsulate all those great ideas into one cohesive, satisfying story. I hope so!

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