Nintendo Still Profitable, Has Sold 50 Million 3DS Consoles To Date

Nintendo Still Profitable, Has Sold 50 Million 3DS Consoles to Date

Nintendo's financial results for the October-December 2014 quarter are in, and it's showing numbers reminiscent of the the ones we saw last time, which is good.

The company reports an operating income of 31.8 billion yen ($339 million) for this quarter, which puts its running total for the financial year at an operating profit of 31.6 billion yen ($337 million). This is an improvement compared to the earlier July-September quarter, for which it reported an operating profit of 8.9 billion yen ($95 million), with its total sitting at a 0.2 billion yen ($2.1 million) operating loss. Nintendo now expects to turn an operating profit of 50 billion yen ($532 million) by the end of the financial year, according to its modified forecasts.

Looking at hardware sales, Nintendo managed to sell 4.99 million 3DS units between October and December, 1.84 million of which are New 3DS consoles. Even though this is far less than the 7.76 million units it sold during the same period in 2013, it still puts the 3DS past the 50 million total units sold milestone at 50.41 million units.

The Wii U, on the other hand, gave a repeat performance, moving 1.91 million units in October-December 2014 vs 1.95 million units in October-December 2013. As a result, Nintendo's running total for Wii U hardware sales is now at 9.2 million units.

If you'd like a closer look at the numbers, you can check out the financial report here.


    Still profitable?


      ! :(






    As long as someone remotely competent is steering the ship, Nintendo will NEVER die.

    Unless they sell 1.4m consoles between now and March the WiiU will still be well behind the Dreamcast at the same age it was discontinued.

    With worse hardware compared to the opposition to boot!

    Coming off such a high selling console that's some high quality fail.

      Nintendo can afford to take risks with hardware innovation, and thank God they are because no one else will.

      Last edited 29/01/15 9:48 am

        very true. they have a proven record of this.

        Hey, hey, come on now Kinect is pretty good...

        And Sony integrate all of Ninty's ideas after...


        Agreed. It’s just a shame that, to me at least, “innovation” means less and less of the games that I want to play.

        The Wii was “innovative”, sold tons and featured about 2 games that I’d consider to be truly great Nintendo-standard classics. Those probably being the two Mario Galaxy games. Everything else on that console was held back by either slightly iffy gimmick controls or piss-weak hardware.
        That’s not to say there isn’t some very good Wii games, just not the kind of industry defining classics that we used to see in the SNES, N64 or even Gamecube eras.

        The same applies to the WiiU. The two best games on that system (Kart and Smash) are essentially HD versions of their old titles that are slightly held back by the shitty hardware and make almost no use of the WiiU’s “innovative” features.

        Where’s my Mario game that blows my mind like Mario 64 did? Where’s my Zelda game that does NEW things instead of chasing an open-world trend (using open-world hardware from last generation)?

        They lag behind in processing power, they lag behind in online systems by about a decade, they don’t innovate with their games…. but hey, you get an “innovative” touch screen on your controller that doesn’t even have analogue buttons…. And we pretend they’re the ones taking the risks.

        I hate to say it, but even in it’s slightly nerfed state (from the original design), the Xbone is WAY more progressive that the WiiU. The only thing Nintendo don’t lag behind on is the price of the thing.

        Last edited 29/01/15 11:47 am

          I tend to agree with you - I never bought a Wii (after buying every N console since the SNES) but got given one for free and can enjoy the handful of great games at my leisure.

          When the WiiU hits $99 (history shows us this inevitable) I'll consider it because there's a lot of titles I'd like to play but the lack of third party support has relegated The Big N to a second or third choice.

      Yeah, but DC was Sega's fourth failed attempt (if you count 3DX and Mega CD which monetarily you should).
      Ninty has just come off the back of the Wii which apparently had a Print Money function.

        And if we're going down that rabbit hole, the wii u now turns a profit on every console. By contrast, the dreamcast bled money, and couldn't recover it on software due to rampant, effoetless piracy.

    Nothing to see here, Nintendo Doomsayers. You'll have to wait until the next article on how sales of the WiiU compare against the competitors or some random 3rd party dev saying that they won't publish games for it to rear back your head and spout your grim prophecies. Nevermind the fact that for over a decade, year after year your predictions of imminent demise have proved fruitless.


        I'm Gonna Sing The Doom Song Now! Doom Doom Doom Doom Doomy Doomy Doom Doomy Doom Doom Doom Doom Doom Doom Doom.

    I love my WiiU, and the games I have for it. It's by far my most-played console at the moment, and if that's only because I'm playing shinier versions of long-running franchises ... I simply could not give a fuck.

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