No One Does Push-Ups Like Gaston

No One Does Push-Ups Like Gaston

Hoping to prove his manliness against Disney World's most manly man, a park visitor challenged live-action Gaston to a push-up contest — and got wrecked.

The actor that portrays Beauty and the Beast's antagonist at Disney World once again proves he's perfect for the role. Despite being taken down a peg or two by a tiny enchantress earlier in the year and being forced into portrait orientation by YouTuber Blake Platt (via Tastefully Offensive), Gaston proves his push-up prowess beyond a shadow of a doubt.

He's giving bad guys a good name here.


    Gaston's form is horrible. He's cheating every rep...which is probably very in-character.

      You can say the same thing about that teenage girl that beat the US soldier but everybody still praises her.

      Meh... Still pretty impressive on the one arm like that.

      Agreed, horrible form, but it's still pretty impressive pace when he switches to one hand

      You can't expect good form when he is wearing an incredible padded muscle suit preventing full movement.

    It's also just funny to see a little smart ass get wrecked like that.

    I am liking this Gaston guy. First he gets rekt by that little girl, and now hes done this. lol. I think Gaston needs a YouTube channel. :P

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