No Xbox One Price Drop For Australia

As you may have heard, the Xbox One has had a price drop in the US, going from $400US to $350. We've just confirmed with Microsoft Australia that a similar price drop won't be happening in Australia.

That doesn't mean that an Xbox One price drop won't happen at some stage in the console's lifespan — there will be a price drop eventually — but not right now.

I suppose it sort of makes sense. Local retailers like EB Games and JB Hi-Fi have been selling a number of Xbox One bundles that provide a fair amount of value. Still, it would have been nice for a small price drop to happen here in Australia as well.


    Gamer: "Hmm, it might be cheaper to import one even with the postage costs."
    Government: "Mwhahahahahaa! It is I, the Straya Government! Here to increase taxes for overseas purchases!".
    Gamer: "Nooooo! My wallet!".

      *Is watching from a distance.*

      Waaaaait as second. I know that voice.....

      *Tears the disguise off The Government.*

      You're not fooling anyone with that distraction, Gerry Harvey!


      *Harvey scampers off, hissing into the gutter.*

    Also have to factor in that the Australian dollar has dropped significantly since the Xbox One was released.

      This!! If they didn't drop it soon then usa would start importing consoles from Australia! Haha. Although they would get a rude shock as to when Australia post tell them how much they'll charge to send it haha.

    *scratches head in confusion* OK, so y'know, I'm from the internet so obviously I'm incoherent with outrage etc and ready to torch and pitchfork and stuff, but... how do I pirate a console? This is hard.

    Wasn't the price drop in the US a temporary thing so they could beat the ps4 sales for once and blow their horn about it?

    Or was that price drop made permanent? Not the first time we missed out (wii u never got the price cut here that the US got...).

      Agree - I thought I read somewhere that the US price went back up......and here it is:

      It was exactly as you said, and then they extended it because it did so much better than they expected.

      It was a 'temporary' black friday promotion but pretty much everyone suspected that it would become the new normal and this seems to corroborate that.

    Xbox 1is already cheap. Also, we're talking a $100 price difference.

    Big whoop

    You know what is already cheaper and actually worth getting? A Wii U!
    You know what is already cheaper and way worth gettings? A new PC graphics card!
    I am being dead serious too. No baiting for an argument.

    When you factor in the Australian dollar, the Xbox One in Australian dollars is $485 for the non Kinect console. Throw in 10% GST? $533.50.

    Don't we pay $500 for the Kinectless one? So that's why you'll see no price drop. We're already paying a great price.

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