Not Even Honest Trailers Can Keep Up With Kingdom Hearts' Story

The latest Honest Game Trailer focuses on gaming's favourite high-speed collision of universes, Kingdom Hearts. As with most Honest Trailers, the Disney-Square Enix mash-up comes out a pile of twisted metal (and cartoon duck bills). But the trailer also raises a good question: where's our Pixar world?

In addition to making that extremely legitimate complaint, Smosh Games takes issue with Kingdom Hearts' (at times) madly confusing story and mind-boggling character naming schemes. Which one is the real Ansem again? How many characters are actually Xehanort? Who am I? Am I actually some nobody's Nobody, or a somebody's antibody, or anybody's Sum 41?

Of course, the whole thing is done with Honest Trailers' usual wry grin, so probably don't get too upset if you're a big fan of the series. I was too, back when I was a little younger; less so now because age is the REAVER OF INNOCENCE. I would absolutely dive back into the series if Square added a Toy Story world or even just a couple Wall-E characters, though. Just sayin'.


    In my opinion you take from it what you want to and understand what you can. When I was young the only story I really understood was "Kairi is important to me" which was enough to make the ending of KH1 bring on many tears. Now that I am older and have replayed them I understand the deeper aspects of the story and it only seems better to me :)

      Did you ever play Dream Drop Distance though? I feel like that the point that Nomura goes "Okay, even I have no idea what's going on anymore! Let's just make everyone who's not already Sora be Xehanort and call it a day until I can be bothered to make Kingdom Hearts 3.".

      That being said, you're totally right. You don't need to know the entire story back to front to 'get' Kingdom Hearts, or what each game is trying to put forward.

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        I played every single game :P and yeah that one really confused me, time travel screws with every story... He is a strange strange minded man

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