Off Topic: What Did You Get Up To For Christmas And New Year?

For a great number of us, this week is the 'first week back'. This is the one where we wake up bleary-eyed begging for one more day or one more week. So today's question: what did you get up to over the holidays?

Beef pic from Shutterstock

Me? I ate a lot of meat. Lamb, chicken, beef. Basically I spent most of my Christmas holidays either consuming or cooking some form of meat.

The rest of the time was spent playing tennis (even though I really suck at tennis), looking after my demon toddler, hanging out with friends and family and playing Crossy Road/the Halo 5 beta.

What did you all get up to?


    That is a NICELY cooked steak...

      Yep, those shutterstock chefs know their shit! ;)

    I've been off since December 24th and not going back til January 12th. I've been mostly playing video games and catching up on the Marvel movies I haven't seen yet,

    And eating. Lots and lots of eating :D

    Well I had to work, so it was kind of limiting. But I went for a couple motorbike rides along the beach, played a crap tonne of destiny, put together an exercise bike and most importantly, I cleared out all the work that had piled up in the helpdesk I run

    The first thing my dog did when I reached my parents house was run inside, jump onto my mothers lap then piss all over her.

    At night we put my nephew to sleep at about 1am. My brother and his girlfriend started unloading all their presents at about 3am and realised they forgot all of his sons presents and had to drive back. Which was a 3 hour trip. They had no sleep that day.

    Also forgot 1 present after all that.

    Took 2 weeks leave and my fiancee stayed over for the duration (we don't live together). Spent most of my time with her and playing WoW, as well as the odd family gathering.

    Went to Port Douglas (I'm in Melbourne) with my Fiancee and her family for a week. Highly recommend it actually.

    Got back in time for Christmas, and Boxing day BBQ at my brother's house. Too many toddlers there...

    Then post-christmas sales. And now my fiancee has gone to London for a work secondment, so we spent a lot of time the last couple weeks getting her stuff ready and sorted. I deliberately held off gaming to spend more time with her as well.

    In between that, mostly eating.

    Mark Serrels, it seems we are aligned.

    I also ate copious amounts of meat, looked after my demon toddler (who has become quite proficient in arseholery) and tried to play as many video games as possible.

    I substituted tennis for the gym but still managed to pack on 3 kilos.

    Not eating lunch, because all the previous nights' dinners were enough to tide me over to the next one.

    Also played way too much Elite. And got back to playing piano for the first time in around seven months or so.

      How is Elite? I hadn't realised that was out, so far what I've read is promising.

        Terribly addictive, stay away.

        I've been playing since the beta launched back in the middle of last year and can still easily sink hour upon hour into it. Sometimes need a bit of a break for a while, but it's always great to come back to.

    A carton of Somersby cider and cooking Christmas dinner for the missus' family. No-one got food poisoning, considered a success.

    Me the wife and kid went camping for the first week of the hols weather was mean as so cant complain days filled with swimming down at the swimming hole doing terrible at volleyball hacks on the dirt bike and teaching my wee girl to bike with no training wheels. second week of the hols was back at home and sneaking in patches of gamming mainly at night due to the awesome weather during the day. I started a new job late last year so coming back to work was no where near as bad as last year cause I really like working where I am now.

    I did some house sitting in a house with unlimited internet. Now I actually have all the games I bought on Steam :)

    Played and finished Transistor. It's a damn fine story. Highly recommended. Been replaying Tomb Raider. Still shocks me how good it is to play.

    Started playing the Dragonfall expansion of Shadowrun Returns. The writing has really picked up so far. Looking forward to the next expansion. And when I'm finished, really can't wait to see the community made campaigns. Does anyone who has played this already have any suggestions?

    Well, mine started off by finding out I'm getting kicked out of the place I'm renting at the end of march because the owners want to move back in and then the good times continued with signing some divorce papers on Christmas Eve. Also on Christmas day, my dad spent most of the day lying on the couch in between going to the toilet to vomit and my mum was not in much better condition so that was great too :(
    At least I had my son that day though.

    On New Years eve, I had to go into the city early to pick up a ticket to an event that was on that night and my car ended up getting towed to a depot because I apparently parked in a spot that was a no parking zone just 5 minutes before it became one. I also legitimately did not see that on the sign either. About 1 hour later and $400 lighter in the wallet I finally got my car.
    I actually had a great night after that though, went to the docklands for the event and it was epic. Ended up running back to my hotel in the city which was 2km away from the event at about 4:30 in the morning. Good times :)

    Here's hoping this year is better!

      I was gonna whinge about being sick for half my holidays, but after your comment...

      Hope you have a glorious 2015!

    Had a small family gathering at our place on christmas day. Cooked roast duck which actually turned out pretty well.

    Boxing day my wife and I jumped in the car and took a drive down the coast to Normanville where we spent a few days by the beach. Twas really nice, although probably not as hot as you'd like for swimming, but still not bad.

    Came home and spend the remainder of last week sitting on my arse doing very little.

    Christmas Eve at mums place (way too much Turkey) Christmas Day at the In Laws (way too much wine) Boxing day with friends (way too much everything)
    Then a week down the coast again at Normanville where we dealt with our 2 1/2 year old and the crying of our 8 week old.
    One of the better breaks actually!

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    I work in video games retail in Melbourne, so I worked Xmas eve, took a flight to Canberra first thing Xmas morning to see the family, and flew back first thing Boxing Day to go back to work. I love my job, but man does Xmas kill me sometimes!

    But I spent the whole of Xmas day feeling really guilty because two weeks earlier I sold a New 3ds XL to this lovely woman who was getting it for her boyfriend and an hour after she left, I realised I hadn't sold her a charger (thanks Nintendo for not including one!). She was so nice and understanding (which is rare among shoppers at Xmas time) and was buying all these extra games so I gave her the best deal I could, but I forgot that one important thing.

    So I spent Xmas knowing she was gonna give this awesome present and it would shut down after 10 minutes and couldn't be charged until she came back to the store and got a charger.

    I'm a monster.

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    Went and stayed with the folks for the past two weeks. Christmas was a nice, quiet affair with just us three. I normally contribute some nori rolls and a cheesecake (cos screw tradition), and this year tried my hand at inside-out rolls and tofu pouches, which all turned out really well. We also tried doing a turducken roll-roast for the first time, which was delicious, but fell apart far too easily to bother with again. The evening was spent relaxing and getting slowly drunk on espresso martinis and homemade Baileys (yum!).

    Boxing Day was a repeat, but with some of my parents' friends coming over for a barbeque. New years eve was spent watching a couple of rented movies with the folks, then an early night, as none of us really enjoy fireworks that much. NYD, however, was spent celebrating a friend's birthday (poor bugger), so more food, more drink. I was kinda happy to get back to normality this week - holidays can be exhausting. :P

    I had a technology free xmas away camping for 2 weeks. The only tech we used was the GPS for geocaching.

    Eat, sleep, fish, swim, chess.


    Christmas was pretty low key, same with New Year's Eve (was actually up at midnight....playing Destiny). But we hosted a wedding at our house last Saturday, so a lot of the Christmas break was prep for that anyway (on top of 6 months of gardening and house painting to get the place spruced up). We had 50mm of rain on the day, often torrential, every towel we owned was on the floor in doorways to soak up the mud from people's feet. Half the guests needed help getting their cars when leaving (spinning tyres on grass, driving into drainage ditches). We couldn't use the outdoor area we had prepared, so the ceremony was in the living room. The bridal party didn't even sit at the bridal table.

    Everyone had a ball! no punch ups. 10/10 would definitely do it again.

    Spent Christmas Eve looking after the setup for a really difficult and demanding bunch of arseholes for a wedding at work. Xmas day was chill - I got all the family stuff out of the way the previous weekend, so on the day I just annihilated 1,000-point ranked Mario Kart newbies and ate.
    New Years I worked from 3am NYD to 6:30pm. Worst New Years ever.

    Went back home (Denmark) for Christmas for the first time since 2005... Ate plenty of good food (gained 10kg in 3 weeks, tells you something :P). Missus experienced real snow for Christmas for the first time in her life, and fired off so much fireworks for new years... Overall the best Christmas holiday I've had for years!

      Christmas in Denmark sounds amazing. How are the ski slopes?

        Lack of hills means not very good at all XD... We were rather lucky with the snow, the 24th it was 7 degrees and pouring rain, but sometime during the night the temperature plummeted and we woke up the next morning to 15cm of snow...

          Oh, right, I just assume anywhere up in that region revolves around snow sports.
          Should have asked about Lego.

    Mostly working. A couple of days off here and there spent drinking beer in my niece's kiddie pool, cleaning out my Mum's garage or playing Smash Bros with the kids. Still pretty fun.

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