Old Video Game Press Releases Were Cool

Old Video Game Press Releases Were Cool

These days, press releases are awful things. Full of subject lines like MEDIA ALERT, obnoxious jargon and endless fine print. Back in 1990, things were a lot simpler.

This is a photo of a press release for Rubicon, a shooter released for the Atari ST, Amiga and Commodore 64. It's set in the distant future of 2011! The Soviet Union still exists!

It's such a cool press release. It's short, simple and to-the-point. Most of it is spent talking about the story, not the basic gameplay. And it even finds room to fully credit everyone involved.

(via @stewartgilray)


    I love stuff like this.

    Also, telefax number!

      And not an email or web address to be seen!

      Complete lack of any mention of DLC or preorder bullshit!

        And each team consisted of one programmer and one designer.

    I remember playing this game. You controlled a bald dude in a wife-beater clearly modeled after Bruce Willis in Die Hard. It was actually a pretty solid game -- I made it to the final boss and everything. (Hewson also published Storm Lord on the Amstrad CPC/Spectrum and the Pinball Fantasy games. OK. I'll stop being nerdy now.)

      Wife beater? What does Anita think of all this?

        I'd upvote this if I could be bothered to make an account.

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