Our First Look At Majora's Mask 3D In Action

Our First Look At Majora's Mask 3D In Action

We haven't seen much of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask for 3DS, but with the release date only a few weeks away, that's changing. A new 16-minute video provides our best look yet at the remake, which includes a number of gameplay changes to make it more approachable.

Unfortunately, the video is in Japanese, but let's take a look at a few of the changes coming.

First of all, it's gorgeous. Is it a little brighter and cheerier, too? Hmm.

Our First Look At Majora's Mask 3D In Action

Not bad. Note how the sun dial, which marks the game's progression of time, has changed.

Most importantly, Nintendo's modifying the gameplay. One reason fans love Majora's Mask is because it's weird. But it's also confusing and obtuse in ways that were frustrating even more than a decade ago, so Nintendo's touching it up a bit. A map on the second screen is a big help:

Our First Look At Majora's Mask 3D In Action

The in-game notebook, which tracks the schedules of characters, has been tweaked. The side quests in Majora's Mask are vitally important to getting your hands on every item and mask.

Our First Look At Majora's Mask 3D In Action

While I can't read the above text, series producer Eiji Aonuma told GamesMaster (via Nintendo Everything) many players didn't complete the quests because they couldn't find them.

"We were told by Mr. Miyamoto that he felt there were a lot of users who finished the original without even noticing all the hidden events scattered around the town. He said that he wanted us to make sure users were more aware of them this time around."

This becomes much clearer when Nintendo show off the game's fancy calendar system, which appears to update when Link meets new people.

Our First Look At Majora's Mask 3D In Action

We're sure to learn more about what changes Nintendo has in store very soon, but if you've noticed any other differences, let me know in the comments. I cannot wait to play this game!

February 13 really cannot come soon enough.

Our First Look At Majora's Mask 3D In Action

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    It comes out the day before Valentines Day... This could be dangerous.

      On valentine's here in Aus. This will only end in either heartbreak or awesomeness for couples.

    A ingame note book is smart. I just used to write on my arm while i emulated it on the school pcs.
    Then i got funny looks.

    Last edited 15/01/15 11:51 am

    I'm playing Ocarina of time on the 3DS, its fantastic to relive these old classics

      me too! got given it as a xmas present. its great reliving it all. spent so much time on it years ago.

      im currently up to the thrid dungeon. you know the fish one.....but havent made much progress as have been messing around in hyrule field and kakariko too much. good times.

        People complain about nintendo rehashing their series, but there really isn't anything like MM out there. It's a game which needed a remake because it's brilliant and unique.

        I'm day one on this, I haven't played this game in something like twelve years.

    So want to play this!!!! Come on February

    The animation of link running looks nice! Or is that the same as the 64?

    i got OoT for 3DS when it came out and i stopped playing as i found it quite uncomfortable to hold and i wasn't able to enjoy the 3d at the time.
    i was holding out for the larger 3ds but never caved. i now have the MM special edition new 3ds xl on preorder and cant wait to dive into both these brilliant games again

    I cannot wait for this!!
    Also, I tried watching the youtube vid with closed Captions and translating the Japanese to English... Didn't get much info about the game, but it was quite hilarious seeing the failed (I assume??) translations

    Oh god I am giddy with excitement.
    Annoys the crap out of me that one, Australia didn't get the Skull Kid statue and two, the Special Ed we got sold out ages ago. I just want to buy me some Zelda love :(

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