Our First Look At The New Fantastic Four Movie Is Here

Our First Look at the New Fantastic Four Movie Is Here

Marvel Comics' first family has an all-new look in their next movie. We finally get a glimpse right here.

The very first teaser for this summer's Fantastic Four movie just hit this morning, showing off a slicker, more sci-fi-centric look for younger versions of Reed Richards and his band of explorers. The film is being directed by Josh Trank, the director of 2012's deconstructed superhero movie Chronicle. This version of the FF has come in for some criticism as it's developed, with everything from the casting of Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm to the supposed re-invention of Victor Von Doom. We'll see how it all turns out when it hits cinemas later this year.


    I hate writing negativity in comments. Especially for something that a person should reserve judgement for until its out. I usually always try to give something a chance before it's released or reviewed. And I'm the type of forgiving person who likes alot of the stuff that normal people think is terrible.

    But I really can't help myself from saying: jesus, that looks so joyless and awful, I kinda wish I could unsee it.

      Couldn't agree more. "Generic sci-fi movie with way too young actors". Give Disney Marvel the rights back :'( Also, seriously, making Victor Von Doom into an anti-social hacker named Domashev?!

      I really hope the Marvel reboot has something to do with the re-labelling of 'mutants' so they can get around that whole issue

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        Looks like The Inhumans will be taking the Mutants spot if the upcoming movie schedule and recent Agents of Shield story-lines are anything to go by.

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          Yeah. I don't know much about the Inhumans myself (growing up with '92 X-Men only, really) but am looking forward to it!

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            The general gist of it is back in caveman times an alien race takes a bunch of neanderthalls and experiments withthem to make soldiers for their war with a second group. They abandon them because of a prophecy. They develop as a society in a city on the moon. The genetic experiments cause them to mutate when exposed to a type of chemical which is ritualistic when they come of age.

            There's more to it, but that's the short version.

      Exactly right. Who the hell are these actors anyway?!!

    The first 2 didn't suck enough?

      Looks like a reboot?

      Either way, I never even watched the second one. First sucked hard enough.

        The first one was terrible, but at least it had Hornblower in it.

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    Isn't this the one where Doctor Doom is:

    "He's Victor Domashev, not Victor Von Doom in our story. And I'm sure I'll be sent to jail for telling you that. The Doom in ours—I'm a programmer. Very anti-social programmer. And on blogging sites I'm "Doom".

    Because if it is I can very easily see it being up there with Ant-Man as a spectacularly disastrous disappointment.

    Oh joy, yet ANOTHER retelling of the origin story... Yep, as people predicted, this stinks of "we're only making this to hold onto the rights"

    Don't worry, if you don't like the look of it just wait for the inevitable reboot reboot.

    Looks interesting, I'll go check it out, even if I've never been a big FF fan.

    I'm still amazed at all the hate this has gotten, and now in the face of a decent teaser, is STILL getting. Why have all these people made up their minds to hate something before they've even seen it? It just sounds stupid and closed minded to me.

      It's BECAUSE we're fans(I'm a fan but not a huge FF fan).

      If you like coffee, and you order a coffee, and someone gives you a nice hot chocolate instead... then you may not be exactly disappointed. If it's good, it's good. But what happens if you're given a crappy hot chocolate instead? And if it's something more obvious like ordering a pepper steak and being served soup, it doesn't matter how good the soup looks, it's going to make you question what's going on... especially if the chef is serving you that soup and TELLING you that it's steak.

      The Fantastic Four have been around for decades and dozens of writers and artists have done their version of the FF, while respecting the source material. With pepper steak, the source material is the pepper, and the steak. You can cook it a multitude of ways... roast, fry, microwave, etc... but remove either of those two components and it's no longer pepper steak. That's the problem with the FF movie. Fox have messed with the successful formula too much... and this now the THIRD time that it looks like they've screwed up(imagine ordering your meal and having it sent back to the kitchen multiple times and it coming back wrong every time).

      I'm going to hammer out two things wrong with the FF movies. 1) Dr Doom. This is perhaps Marvel's BEST super villain, and he's supposed to be an intelligent, egotistical monarch, but like an evil Iron Man or Darth Vader(obsession with robotics too) that uses some magic as well, and is obsessed with rescuing his mother from hell and acquiring power, has a vendetta vs Reed Richards. The look alone sells tickets and should not be messed with(like Iron Man). 2) The elephant in the room; a black Human Torch. Don't brand me racist for this, as I appreciate many black characters and people. Johnny STORM has never been black in the comics. If Fox decides to be so politically correct by blackwashing the blonde JS, then they also need to make his sister Susan STORM black too. They did not. I think there's some convoluted adoption thing? It would have been easier to make Ben Grimm black instead... at least that is easier to digest. Why again are they doing this? For the same reason they made Alicia Masters black, or Electro black? They don't have the rights to use Nick Fury(2), Luke Cage, Prowler, Black Panther, War Machine, Cardiac, etc... so instead of just trying to be PC and being politically incorrect in the process, they should just use common sense.

      Tbh the closest thing I've seen to an enjoyable FF movie was "The Incredibles". The FF, who were far more popular as a comic book title than the obscure Guardians of the Galaxy, SHOULD be more successful. Instead we get these lame movies. It just looks like they're trying to cash in on Interstellar or Nolan's films. For those of us who are hungry for a good FF film, it's hard not to expect disaster when we're expecting pepper steak and smelling marmalade soup.

        Muddled metaphors aside, I still can't see how you or anyone else can be so upset about something you barely know anything about (aside from the cast and this teaser), making up your minds to hate it outright.

        Why spend so much time and energy hating on a movie that hasn't even come out yet? Seems to me there are plenty of other (positive) things to be better spent doing.

          "barely know anything about"? I am a fan. Just because I said I wasn't a huge FF fan doesn't mean that I barely know anything. I have read hundreds of FF books; and I like them. I just don't like them as much as say Spider-Man or the X-Men. There's a very rich history of Johnny Storm... he and Spidey go way back with a secret meeting place, he stopped Galactus by getting the Ultimate Nullifier in time(compared to Reed in the What If issue who was distracted by Galactus's tech) JS went nova at a university, he had a skrull egg with Lyja, he died, he ruled the Negative Zone, etc. And if you mean "barely know anything about" with regards to the new movie... well the same studio has screwed up the previous two FF movies now... and like I said, it COULD be a good movie, it just doesn't LOOK like it so far. It might be just like Quicksilver in DOFP; but currently it doesn't FEEL like a FF movie, and the trailer itself isn't even very exciting. No hate, no energy, just an observation.

            "barely know anything about"

            Yes, because this is the only thing you or I have seen about THIS movie. Everyone (except those that worked on it) knows very little about it.

        The elephant in the room; a black Human Torch. Don't brand me racist for this, as I appreciate many black characters and people. Johnny STORM has never been black in the comics. If Fox decides to be so politically correct by blackwashing the blonde JS, then they also need to make his sister Susan STORM black too. They did not.

        Oh I'm a big Fantastic Four fan, but jesus I have a problem with faux-fans like yourself.

        Johnny Storm and Sue Storm have different parents in this one. Johnnys father marries Sues mother, Sue is a child when this happens, Johnnys father is her step dad. This sort of stuff happens *all the time* in real life. Multi-cultural families are common, my sister, she's white, her partner is samoan, their kid, his son, is samoan, their eventual biological child, will be half white, half samoan, who cares!? I teach kids who have two, three different cultures in their families? Who cares? It's not the 1930's anymore.

        I mean, it changes *nothing* about their dynamic, they're still brother and sister, they still care for each other. Michael B Jordan is a bloody good actor. He'll nail the role. Best actor for the best role. Did you care that Tony Stark never had his Demon in a Bottle plotline? Did you care he wasn't disabled for 3/4 of the Ironman movies? No? Because they wrote him *perfectly* and had the *best actor for the best role*.

        But at the end of the day, if you do believe him being black, her being white, will impact the dynamic, that the colour of their skin is what dictates who they are etc... I've got a set of white bedsheets you might find useful for some clothing. I dunno, a ghost costume or something else...

        In short, you're not a racist, you're just ignorant.

        *Edit* Btw, I sure as hell hope you raged about Nick Fury becoming black :P, after all, consistency is key...

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          Wow get over yourself. Faux-fan? Please. I have about 20k Marvel comics and have read hundreds of FF issues.

          Do you think I don't know about mixed racial couples? My parents are too. Wow. I have a step brother who is fully one race. Wow. Australia is very multi-cultural, as is the USA. Do you want a cookie?

          The problem is not the dynamic, the problem is that they are introducing needless convoluted change when they don't have the formula right to begin with(the previous two fail movies). Chris Evans was actually a pretty decent Torch in the movies... he did thrillseeker stuff and was popular with the ladies like JS was in the comics, and would play pranks on Ben. MBJ is the best actor for the best role? Please. Stop making sh!t up. He might be a great actor, but you have not seen him do a single scene as the Human Torch, and nor have you seen the other thousands of black or white actors do the same role to compare. People are already upset, just as they would be if the Black Panther was cast with a white actor... no matter how good they are. RDJ LOOKS the part of TS, and is charismatic as hell, and the IM armour is top notch. Similarly Bishop looked awesome in DOFP.

          A lot of my friends are of different ethnicities, and I like a lot of black actors/celebrities and Obama... so take your racist crusading elsewhere.

          *Edit: Nope. Sure Nick Fury is an old warhorse from WW2, but it's hard to justify the Howling Commandos version running SHIELD. It'd be awesome if they did show him and the LMD's and barber shop and everything, but Samuel L Jackson is a great successor/actor. Get off your high horse.*

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            Black Panthers heritage is part of his character, it would be insulting and ridiculous to change T'Challa at this point into a white character. T'Challa is the leader of an African nation, as his father was before him and his father before him. His African heritage is part of who he is. Making him white would be a disgrace.

            Howard Stark, at this point, exists in the 1950's and 1960's, it would be ridiculous to think, at this point, that he would be an African American multi-millionaire business man in that era with that much power, hence his white heritage is a part of his character. Making him black or asian, at this point, would not make any sense logically? You could DO it, but it wouldn't make much sense.

            Captain America, is white because of the same reason, he's a product of World War 2, given the racial tensions of the time, there is zero chance they would have used a black or asian man for the project, a white man was the only way to go for the original Captain America, Steve.

            But Johnny Storm? His culture has *zero* implications on his character. Nil. None.

            Same as Reed Richards.

            Same as Ben Grimm.

            Same as Sue Storm

            Hell, same as Lois Lane, Aquaman (who is now polynesian btw in Batman vs Superman instead of white, blonde etc, lets see the fanboys shit bricks over that!) and so forth and so forth.

            I could'nt care if you owned 100k comics or 2, the fact is it was an ignorant statement and deserved to be called out as such. Again, it doesn't make you a racist, it just made you ignorant.

            He might be a great actor, but you have not seen him do a single scene as the Human Torch, and nor have you seen the other thousands of black or white actors do the same role to compare.

            Swing that judgemental hypocritical pendulum back the other way, we have seen him in the trailer, he does look pretty cool, he does have pretty decent screen presence and we HAVE seen him in a superhero-esque role already... so why be so uber negative about the guy? Because he's black. Wow. I'm 110% sure you wouldn't be saying that if he was a few shades lighter.

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              Did you know that to rule Wakanda, all you need to do is to challenge and beat the current ruler in hand to hand combat? What's stopping some white person from doing this in the past? Or some asian person? Oh because it's an AFRICAN nation so he MUST BE BLACK! A.G. Gaston was a black millionaire in the 1960's. Neil deGrasse Tyson has become successful celebrity due to his intelligence. Black people also went to war for their country. But to you, none of this makes sense. The fact is that you are ignorant. You know nothing about me, and you deliberately hurled racist allegations at me with comments like the triple K bedsheets and Nick Fury, and then claimed I was ignorant when that failed. I'm really not interested in that bullsh!t. The other day I was watching Seinfeld clips and found out that Michael(Kramer) went on a racist tirade when he was heckled/annoyed during a standup routine. I was pretty saddened about the whole thing, since the guy was a childhood legend to me. Digression aside, I want the best movie possible. With two failed movies from Fox, and Doom as a hacker in the latest one and a non-hype trailer, I do not expect much from the 3rd FF film. Casting MBJ to me is the same as making Electro black in ASM2... it's not going to be what makes the film bad. As someone who loves comic books, I want to look at the character on screen like JJJ from the Raimi Spidey films and go "wow he nailed it!". Basically that they do their best to copy the comic books. A white Captain America? To me yes that is Captain America, but likewise if at the end of Avengers 2 they have Falcon take up the mantle of Captain America, I am not going to be upset. They've done it in the comics. It's simply about respecting continuity and the source material. That's it.

              Edit: And nope you said he was the best actor(period), and we haven't seen a proper scene. Having him stick his head under a car bonnet and flame on in a trailer without uttering a word doesn't give him an Oscar and make people jump out of their chair and go "OMG THAT'S THE HUMAN TORCH HE NAILED IT!". I'm not negative about the guy, I'm negative about the casting. I watched an interview with him and he seems cool, he just isn't close to being Johnny Storm.

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                If they were going to 'respect continuiity' in comics, you would have had a disabled tony stark, an alcoholic tony stark (instead of one drunk scene), you would have had Captain America have a lot more adventures in WW2 with Bucky in some seriously revealing clothing, Thor would be wearing some dodgy clothing with a winged helmet, it would be WAR MACHINE not Iron Patriot, HawkEye would have more of a role than Black Widow and Ultron would've been made by Hank Pym.

                But none of that matter, because they're acceptable changes made for movies. They're things you think are gigantic, serious things, but they aren't. They mean sweet f*ck all in the grand scheme of things. As for Wakanda, probably, but Wakandas a fictional place and it hasn't happened in the comics yet and if it did, that would be pretty cool, if it has a storyline to go with it, I (unlike a lot of people, probably people like yourself) would be highly open to it. As for black millionaires in the 1960's, indeed, however they did not have weapon contracts etc like Howard Stark did, not in the comics. Sorry. The government wasn't gonna sink military contracts into the hands of African Americans in that time period. Because the government were assholes. That's why. Not because he was rich, not because he was black, but because they were *weapon contracts* and that's what Howard Stark dealt in.

                But, people embrace Hugh Jackman these days as Wolverine, they even changed the comic character to look like him in some of the runs. Wolverine in the comics is five-foot-fuckall. In the movies, Jackman stands six-foot two. He's not even a bloody canuck. Big whoop. He's still the best actor for the part. That's what matters at the end of the day. The best actor for the part.

                  They did respect the source material... mostly. It is fine to cherry pick facts... but Iron Man wasn't shot by a crazed stalker in Tales to Astonish or IM#1. And similarly modernizing it to get rid of rocket skates(which could have been a humorous addition), changing the war origin, or not including his alcoholism(like omitting spider clones) works for pacing. What they didn't respect was the Mandarin, and they should have just left him out altogether. The War Machine armour was in IM, it was just recommissioned to the Iron Patriot armour as a nod to the fans. Acceptable changes is a good term, because a lot of fans and people in general are not accepting it. It doesn't really matter... the movie will get made and they have no choice in the matter, and I will reserve further judgement until I see it. MBJ might be the only redeeming quality to that movie, but right now I still don't think he's JS. Decades of comic books will do that to me.

                  Howard Stark wasn't just a weapons contractor... he was a pioneer. His tech was beyond the curve(no competition), and that has tremendous value. If you think about how the Allied forces accepted german(their enemy) scientists during the war, and the potential to emigrate with wealth to America or become independently rich as that guy did irl, it doesn't sound so impossible. And yes Hugh looks a lot like Logan... but that's just emphasizing my point. They even tried to get the hair right. The height is the least of the trouble for movies... they can get someone to stand on a box(Tom Cruise) or CGI them(hobbits) or change an angle. Repeating "the best actor for the part" doesn't help your case when the part is a young blonde Caucasian teenage prankster/thrill-seeker/womanizer/hothead and you have a black actor who you haven't even seen act the role. =S Anyway, it will be interesting to see how he compares to Chris Evans, and whoever Marvel casts as JS when they EVENTUALLLLLLLLLLLY get the rights back. I'm actually hoping he does a really good job and nails a different role(Chris Evans was recast as Steve Rogers; flop to blockbuster).

          Johnny Storm and Sue Storm have different parents in this one. Johnnys father marries Sues mother, Sue is a child when this happens, Johnnys father is her step dad. This sort of stuff happens *all the time* in real life.

          Fair enough. But tell me: How does this makeshift backstory to their family composition contribute to the story of the FF? Why was it necessary other than to fulfil an artificial, enforced diversity role. If I understand correctly the point of the original poster, the problem is not with the comic's characters being changed or even less with the inclusion of a black actor for this role, but rather, the dishonest tokenism that forcefully alters a narrative to serve a political agenda (as laudable as it may be in the case of added racial diversity to a cast). I try not to be cynical but it almost smacks of controversy-mongering for that sweet, sweet free social media publicity.

          Disclaimer: I am not white (nor black) and I myself facepalm when my race is given a completely unnecessary and gratuitous token participation in some movie.

            Because instead of immediately thinking 'racial diversity', which is a faulty concept in itself, consider that Josh Trank wanted to work with Michael B Jordan again as theyre friends, as happens a LOT in hollywood.

              Hrm, I guess that's a reason, then.

                Pretty much, they worked on Chronicle and a lot of stuff in the past. A few of the cast have. Dane Dehaan was going to as well at one point.

    I am usually a cinema cynic, but I honestly don't see this being as bad as everyone has already decided it is. The actors are young but are all great and have proven this (Whiplash, Chronicle, American Horror Story etc.) All I am seeing are snap judgments on a teaser.

    I am past the miserableness of superhero movies like the Dark Knight Rises. I enjoy some of the lighter elements from Iron Man and Avengers. Something carefree and fun this version of FF does not look to me.

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      The thing about the different movies (like their respectivie source materials) have different feels about them. Batman is all about dark and broody, so to an extent, that's what the movies are going to be like. On the other hand, Ironman was somewhat more light-hearted. Also the first FF movie was pretty carefree and look where that got us...

      Diffrent strokes for different folks, and all that.

    *gets predicted to suck*

    *gets released*

    *fans love it*

    *fans declare they loved it all along*

    Happened with:

    Batman Begins
    Iron Man
    The Dark Knight (Heath Ledger specifically)
    Guardians of the Galaxy (Oh yes, it sure as hell did until people saw the trailer)
    Sin City
    Xmen First Class

    Essentially, it happens all the time, it's rarely ever correct. I've got faith it'll turn out to be cool, plus, it's apparently tied into the Days of Future Past continuiity as Fox wants the universes to co-exist.

    To paraphrase the Joker people.... 'Why so negative?'

      I get what you're saying, but I like to think that at least some portion of the fandom back then were happy for any comic book movie to come out. I don't remember thinking that any of those movies you listed were going to be terrible, but maybe that's just my revisionist history.

      It's a little different now that there has been a steady stream of quality comic book movies, so now maybe we're a bit more discerning (okay, I realise that with some people it's just full blown geek rage), or at least able to see certain thematic choices as blatant pandering to get butts in seats i.e. young pretty people and 'You get some darkness, and you get some darkness, and you get some darkness. DARK!!!!!!!!!!!!'.

      And saying that, I don't think I'm going to rush out and see this day 1. I'll have to see what the consensus is, though I sense Ben Kenobi is going to say 'these aren't the Fantastic Four you're looking for'.

        People damned The Dark Knight to hell, saying Heath Ledger was going to ruin the Joker, that they cast 'too young' and that 'how could the guy from 10 Things I hate about you' possibly play 'The Clown Prince of Crime' etc. It wasn't until Comic-con that attitudes began to change.

        Batman Begins had to ride the same wave of hate, due to Batman And Robin, until people saw footage, again, at Comic-con. It's the same situation F4 finds itself in.

        Guardians of the Galaxy was ridiculed by people at times, how could they possibly do a tree and a raccoon on screen? However to be fair, people were less vicious towards it due to Marvels track record, but, they were more negative due to Guardians being a B list comic.

        Sin City, well, people were just saying it was 'unfilmable'.

        Xmen First Class, apparently, wasn't going to work 'at all' without Patrick Stewart and McKellan...

        Iron Man, while people rejoiced over Downey Jr's casting, people were negative for a variety of reasons, oddly enough Gwynneth Paltrow (go figure!?).

        The internet just loves to be needlessly negative.

        We've had bubbly, colourful, stupidly optimistic Fantastic 4. What's it going to hurt having an action oriented Fantastic 4? We've had a teaser so far, that's it. The production values are solid, Thing looks *fucking awesome*, so much better than the previous incarnation so far:

        Here's his head btw:


        So, honestly, while I'm not saying it's going to be GOOD? I'm saying there's no reason to actually predict failure. It's a movie that can now stand on its own two feet as its officially distanced itself from its predecessors and deserves the ability to prove itself.

      Admittedly there have been a few surprising gems, most movies that are predicted to suck do in fact end up sucking.

    I'm up for a good movie if it's lighthearted or serious (as long as there's some of the other to balance it out). Chronicle was great and the actors look good, so hopefully this'll be quality

    This seems like it would have been a decent movie that was re-written to be a Fantastic Four movie... I hope I am wrong simply because I love good movies, but right now I have a better chance of watching Wolverine: Origins again to increase my knowledge of Deadpool before his movie gets made.

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