Pillars Of Eternity Shuffled To March 26

Briefly: Pillars of Eternity has been shuffling release dates for a little while, but Obsidian Entertainment sound pretty confident about March 26. The old-school RPG raised $US3.9 million on Kickstarter back in October 2012, and it was supposed to come out in Q2 2014. Then, it was late 2014. Now, it's March 26. Hopefully!


    It seems every game and its dog is getting delayed or released with a load of bugs. How many games are actually released on schedule and in an acceptable state these days?

    Still, another game I want and it's pushed back to a spot where there's not much else :D

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      It's Obsidian..... It is still going to have bugs....

        I'll be pleasantly surprised if once I fire it up it doesn't try to set my couch on fire considering some of their previous releases.

          I'll be pleasantly surprised once I start the game it doesn't somehow open as Neverwinter Nights 2....

        To be fair, most obsidian games are buggy because of the way they are contracted to make their games which gives them a fairly strict timetable to get their games done and almost never gives them time for all the QA they really need. The thing about pillars of eternity is that it's all in house so they can just delay it without having to worry about publisher wrath.

          Exactly good sir!
          All their games bugs and cut content (Kotor2) has been from 3rd party/developer deadlines. This is internal and will be fine and dandy. They are not bad coders or anything.

    Well I'll be able to play this until GTAV comes down to an "18 month old game's pricepoint".

      I was thinking something like that the other day. Heck GTAIV took years to be a decent no longer just out price and that was Steam sale not console versions.

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