PlayStation Making Up For Downtime With A 10% Off Sale This Weekend

PlayStation Making Up For Downtime With A 10% Off Sale This Weekend

As first detailed earlier in the month, Sony is making up for some Christmas-related downtime with a sale on pretty much everything on the PlayStation Store.

That sale has a catch: you'll get 10 per cent off almost anything on the store, provided you lump it all into the one purchase and buy it all at once. The only things excluded are PS+ subscriptions, PS Now rentals and the music and video stores.

That leaves, well, games. And DLC. And season passes, and pre-orders.

The sale will run from 9am PST on January 23 (4am AEDT on January 24) until 9am PST on January 26 (4am AEDT on January 27). Sony's post about the sale is here.


    The only things excluded are PS+ subscriptions, PS Now rentals and the music and video stores.This is actually incorrect, only rental movies and TV shows are excluded, not the purchase of them.

    It was also timed to end after their current sales, which was a bit sneaky. I can understand why, but if they're really sorry, well, they would have provided the opportunity for some real savings (vs bringing the games down to only slightly more than the price of a physical disc).

      Also frustrating that it starts just after the Resident Evil pre-order to get the PS3/4 version together deal ends too.

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    one weekend only? horrible choice. Don't get paid that week? too bad. had unexpected expense that took up your disposable income? sucks to be you living in the real world. oh well guess my 10% won't be used.

      I don't own any Sony consoles, but I agree that the 10% weekend deal is retarded. Why not give out a 10% coupon to everyone who was affected? Let the consumer choose when to redeem the 10% deal.

    I literally just bought Resident Evil... I could have waited!

    Luke, you have referenced the US Blog, so your times are incorrect. We are based on the Eu blog (Store).
    So the sale for will run 8pm AEDT Friday 23rd January to 8pm AEDT Monday 26th January.
    Source -

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      Good to see you bothered to fix the times.

    Oh good! In other words, the entire time I'll be away from home, it being in the middle of a long weekend and all.
    Am I the only one that finds it a bit comedic that the window to "redeem your apology" is shorter than the original downtime?

      Why do you need to be at home? I do all my PSN store purchasing via their website, and set to download to the console too. I find it far easier.

        My PC is at home too. I suppose trying on my phone is an option (wouldn't go so far as to call it "far easier" though!), but not sure I'll even have data reception :(

          Grab the app, takes you straight to the store from there and opens a phone friendly site in your browser of choice.

          It works better to see all the sale items because checking on any particular console wont show you whats available on the others (I think you can check Vita on PS3)

            I just bookmark the store to my homescreen. It is not so much easier now on PS4, but it was a million times easier and for a slow loading site, faster than PS3.

              Yeah, the store on PS3 is nasty

          You can place the items you want in the cart and then access them later to apply the code to save on time, data and hassle. I added something last night on PC, it is still there via my mobile phone.

    Fuck psn was down longer than we have to use the discount.

    This is actually great news for me. PSN outage didn't affect me one bit, since I was enjoying life being on holiday with family.

    Now I get a sale.

    Theres been a sale with up to 50% off for most of jan that stops on 22nd this just stretches it out an extra 2 day (at 10% not 50%). Seriously stop bitching guys, Its been a sweet month for picking up cheap games.

    I'd be excited if there was actually anything on their worth purchasing..... man it's slim pickings there atm.

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