Proof That Sword Fights Are The Best Thing In Cinema

Here's a super fun video of the best sword fights in film history

Movie sword fights — be they fought with broadswords, laser swords or samurai swords — are pretty much the best thing ever. Drama! High stakes! People could die or lose an arm or an eye!

This is a mega-montage of all of cinemas greatest swordfights. It's amazing.

Disclaimer: this features Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. You should be aware of this if you — like me — want to continue pretending that movie doesn't exist.

Sword fights are essentially the 'boss fights' of cinema, and this video got me wondering what a similarly made video game montage would look like. It would probably just be made up of Metal Gear Solid cut-scenes.

Via Gizmodo


    Swords fights is cool & all but Jacky Chan's prop-fu is da bes!

      YES, I concur

    It would probably just be made up of Metal Gear Solid cut-scenes.


      Metal Gear has cutscenes?

        Can't tell if you're trolling or not, but yeah, MGS is 20% game play and 80% cut scenes.

    My name is Inigo Montoya you killed my father prepare to die

    It looks cool and all, but the vast majority of those shots are play fights with zero intent to inflict wounds or kill. I suppose you don't want to kill your supporting actor and all.

    A video game montage would have to include the insult sword fighting from Monkey Island

    Want to watch Kill Bill quite badly now

    99% of the Star Wars Prequel trilogy may have indeed sucked total monkey balls, but damn their lightsaber scenes were freaking incredible.

      Every time someone rips on Ep 1 I always think to myself '...but...Duel of the Fates!!!' and the swordplay (if perhaps not the choreography) got BETTER from there in the latter prequels.

      They were very cool for what they were but the missed the elegance of the original trilogy.
      The Obi Wan vs Vader fight is almost perfect. No stupid moves that will get you killed, just feeling each other out, searching for a weakness.
      Still one of my favorite sword fights in film

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