Putin Looks Disappointed With Russia's Latest Robot

Putin Looks Disappointed With Russia's Latest Robot

Who can blame him? This military robot doesn't exactly inspire fear. However, it does appear to be quite slow. As RT reports, Putin recently visited a research facility outside Moscow, where he was shown this combat bot.

Granted, while making robots like this is incredibly difficult, it will be a few years before this one, forgive the pun, gets up to speed.


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    Did you see that thing's hand? Russia are making terminators :

    Jokes aside. This, or these robots, could be very dangerous if they were to be controlled on a computer and programmed to shoot and blow shot up.

    The atomic bomb was a secret weapon back then, perhaps we all will be doomed.

    Looks like they should have made it harder, better, faster, and stronger.

    The first thing I thought of were the Zako robots from the Gundam franchise


    If we fight Russian Cylons, we're going to be ok.

    Japanese Cylons on the other hand...

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