Racing Game VS Real Life, Round Two

Racing Game VS Real Life, Round Two

Dayshot: How well does the very pretty Project CARS hold up when it’s compared to real life… at night? Not quite as well as when it’s compared to daytime real life, it turns out.

Just like in his last similar video, YouTuber ADRIANF1esp takes and compares footage of the same car on the same track, this time the F1000 on the Dubai Autodrome, from real life and Project CARS. It’s a bit easier to tell which one’s which with the nighttime scene, especially when you examine the lighting effects and the shadows in particular. Still, an admirable effort. See for yourself:

Dayshot showcases some of the prettiest, funniest game-related screenshots and art that we can find.


  • It’s called Ambient Occlusion. Will be interesting to see this when NVIDIA’s new AO thing gets some support in games.

  • The thing that is most disappointing for me is the glare off the tyres just isn’t present at all making the tyres look fake.

    Also the comment about the dark patches is true, very evident.

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