Remember This?

Nobody worked out yesterday's deliberately obtuse puzzle, so it rolls over to today with some clues. Plus a bonus, completely different retro classic to ring in the New Year.

Today's "new" game is a classic... in many senses. No clues for this one, apart from the statement that the backdrop being similar to yesterday's is entirely coincidental.

Here's yesterday's Remember This again as well. Nobody really came close with this one, so I'll throw out a few clues.

If this was a game made today, the licence would cost quite a bit.

It's a game that could have you biting your lip in frustration.

The colour is a slight hint as to the main character.

Part of the title shares its name with a now-defunct Cheltenham-based development studio.


    Krusty's Fun House?

      Those pipes definitely look like it.

        Older than Krusty's fun house (I presume you're talking about today's Remember This), and not a console game.

    Questprobe: Featuring the Hulk

    I don't know the game, but the clues led me on a great hunt! [was still difficult]
    Cheltenham based defunct studios? Acclaim Entertainment came up, couldn't find much and then found out that the studio was called 'Probe' before they would bought by Acclaim.
    Found some games with 'Probe' in the title.
    Found one with a high-profile franchise, Marvel.
    There are a few Questprobe games, but the Hulk as purple shorts, so I'm going to guess this one is the one.
      Looks right


      Although it's not a shot of the Hulk's pants; the backdrop just looks like that. And one of the ways you can turn from Banner>Hulk in the game is, weirdly enough, by biting your lip.

      Haha, I was up to the "probe" part in that process before I saw that you had already gone through it.

    That's the one for sure, I remember playing this game.

    Bruce Banner is tied to a chair at the start and you have to bite your lip to Hulk out and escape.

    Edit: Oops, had to sign in and lost my reply to Edenist.

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