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Top marks to @edenist, who cracked the cryptic clues to work out that Wednesday's game was Questprobe Featuring The Hulk. Nobody was close to working out yesterday's game, however, which means it's cryptic clue time again.

So, in no particular order:

  • One part of the title has something to do with martial arts
  • You could drink one part of the title
  • Another part has something to do with the US version of Red Dwarf
  • Part of the title has something to do with Troma
  • The whole thing is based off a very classic character, but it's been a long time since they've had a videogame.


    Biker Mice from Happy New Year! (Mars)

      I'd love to know how that fits the clues!
      (or in other words, nope!)

        ◾One part of the title has something to do with martial arts - Bikers all know Kung-fu
        ◾You could drink one part of the title - Mice is very close to Ice... which you can drink when it melts.
        ◾Another part has something to do with the US version of Red Dwarf - it has mice
        ◾Part of the title has something to do with Troma - both Troma and Biker Mice from Mars contain letters of the English alphabet
        ◾The whole thing is based off a very classic character, but it’s been a long time since they’ve had a videogame. - They have not had a game made since 1994

        update, I guess there was 2006 game that I didn't know about.

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    The U.S Red Dwarf... so the title contains the word "unnecessary".

      Or "aborted" or "atrocious" or "not funny" or "terrible"....

        Agreed. But that's not what the clue was about. Just as a hint.

    I'm confused. Isn't that the screen grab from yesterday's post?

      it was the bonus one from yesterday. if you look back at the post there were actually 2 different images

        Ah! Thanks. Because no one guessed the original pink screenshot I thought yesterday's was just a second image from the same game.

    I wanted to say Fartman or Boogerman (based simply on the screenie), but alas, they don't fit the clues, either.

    Earthworm Jim?


    1. Jim phonetically, at least.
    2. Worm as with Tequila
    3. Earth, but not US specific enough to the US version though
    4. James Gun (Jim) worked with Troma for quite some time
    5. This last clue about it being a classy character is just to throw us off the trail...

    ...or maybe it's James Pond/Robocod. Ugh... it's too hot.

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      Hmm... I had to double-check the last article. "Older than (92), and not a console game".

    There's some brilliant answers here... but nobody's got it yet.

    So I'll give another clue. The cryptic clues are in fact in deliberate title order. Sort those out and you'll have the exact title.

    probably wrong and have no idea but budokan the martial spirit is my guess

    Best I could come up with based on those clues is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Manhattan Missions, but I'm pretty sure the colour palette is off, and the clues are out of order. Initially, based on the screenshot, I was thinking Cosmo's Cosmic Adventures, or one of the Commander Keen games, but they don't fit all the clues.

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    Only thing I can think of that kind of fits the clues is G.I. Joe - A Real American Hero, but I can't find any screenshots that match..

    Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future.

    You said classic character, right?

      Amazing skill used to get this one- first saw the US version of Red Dwarf, thought "I bet "pilot" is in the title". Then I went to the list of every game every made (, searched "pilot", saw 141 instances of the word and sighed but then realised that the first one it went to was a game with "Dan Dare" in it.

      Seeing as I had no idea who Dan Dare is, he must be a classic character ;)

      Yeah, and I kind of completely ignored every other clue... call it a lucky guess.

        Excellent work, even if it was cheating. Absolutely correct. It's been a long time since there was a Dan Dare game.

          Hey, cut us Gen Y members some slack ;) We may not know what Dan Dare is, but we do know how to use search engines!

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            I grew up with Atari 2600 (yes I'm oooold) and even I don't know who Dan Dare is! :0

              Haha, so it's not just me!

              I feel like I should know the name "Dan Dare", but yeah, I only grew up with the N64.

          The old 2000 A.D character? ... Okay, I'll have to salute getting so obscure.

            Well, he pre-dates 2000A.D. by quite a bit... original 1950's Dan Dare was published in The Eagle.

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