Remember This?

"It makes me think of missile command, but that would be too easy". Way to guess it right and kick sand in my face Ninjakickthedamnrabit. I will forgive you, however, because you have a really cool username.

It was, of course, Missile Command. Plenty of you managed to guess it, so I'm gonna have to get nasty.



    Picture of a sky/atmosphere from Fury 3?

      Damn, that was my thought, too. Only, the much, much better version: Terminal Velocity. FURY 3 WAS A BLATANT CLONE, DAMMIT.
      *shakes angry fist at Microsoft*

        Never played terminal. But I did play descent. That was awesome too! No pics of a sky though....

    I look at that and I think Shadowman on N64.

      I definitely get an N64 vibe, but I'm not familiar with Shadowman.

        Shadowman was on PSX, Dreamcast and PC as well. Some reviews panned it, but I liked it, but my word was it a long and somewhat confusing game.

        If you can imagine a Metroid style game but even more non-linear, dark themed, that's super long and that's set across multiple worlds with a convoluted story based around voodoo magic, and you get an idea of what Shadowman was. That asylum was creepy as hell. Those pigs with those hook hands...

        It's actually based on a comic book character.

        Last edited 06/01/15 2:05 pm

    I want to say Journey, but that seems slightly off.

    Banjo Tooie

      Either that, or Banjo-Kazooie.

      Edit: Probably Mayahem Temple from B-T. Nice guess.

      Last edited 06/01/15 1:54 pm

    I was thinking ShadowMan or Glover on the N64. The cliff in the corner might be a little too realistic for for Glover though? I can only remember small amounts of that game. I'll throw Lylat Wars in there just for the fun of it too!

    It's probably not, but for some reason it reminds me of the cut-scenes in Warcraft 2, Beyond the Dark Portal.

    One day it'll be Eternal Darkness.
    This time, the screenshot vaguely resembles it. So yeah, ED.

    Quake 2: the reckoning perhaps? that sky just looks famillier

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