Remember This?

I have no earthly idea how Nexi managed to guess my stupidly obscure Banjo Tooie Remember This, but he did. Congratulations. You'd think I'd be used to this sort of thing by now, but I'm not, so there you go. Great job team!

Good luck with today's effort. I won't say anything about whether it's too easy or way too difficult. I'll just leave it your extremely capable, collective hands.


    Aw crap, yesterday's made me think of Mayahem Temple. But then I saw Batguy's post and thought he must have had it.

      Yess, throwing people off the scent!

      Even though it really looked like it, I wasn't totally convinced myself because I couldn't find an exact screenshot match on google.

    Sky textures and the polycount of the green building gave it away assuming it was mayahem temple.

    Also, goldeneye 007

    FFVII Ski mini game.

    Beneath a Steel Sky

    Looks like another N64 game...Superman 64?

    Either 1080 snowboarding or top gear rally both on n64

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