Remember This?

There were a lot of guesses yesterday. A lot. And everyone seemed to think it was Lode Runner. It wasn't. Incredibly yesterday's Remember This was guessed correctly in the first post and no-one seemed to notice.

So congrats to GerminalConsequence for guessing Yie Ar Kung Fu. Nice job.

Good luck today friends.


    I know what it is but I cheated so I won't enter to comp :P

      How do you cheat???

        Right click the image, search Google for image. Came up with related images... had the game right there. I never even heard of it...

          I remember it from Melbourne show in late 80's. Every video game was rolling bloody thunder. Played a bit like Shinobi. Was in the tent next to the mad mouse.

        Said Dre, as he wiped red paint from his hands.

          It was a nose bleed!! We're you there??

            Saying its convenient that you ask how do you cheat and you had already got it. The old saying caught red handed haha.

            Sounds like the game lived up too its name though lol.

    Going for round 2. Rolling thunder.

      a co-worker and I were just talking about this game yesterday.

        I watched a retro games show that was talking about it only a couple of weeks ago. Maybe the universe is trying to tell us something.

      Well played, I'd know those doors anywhere.

        I despised thunder, so went with my heart first and thought robocop. I knew it wasn't right, but hoped!!!

    Rolling Thunder :D
    i have the sound track to rolling thunder 2 on my pc, i loved that music as a kid

    This isnt a real guess (obviously), but that looks like it could be a really big game of Arkanoid.

    Hugo's house of horrors? (any one of them)

    I have this in my shed, need to repair the joystick though. I love Rolling Thunder, my brother used to come over and fire up my machine and we wouldn't see him for the next 4 or 5 hours.

    Day of the Tentacle?
    Manic Mansion?

    Or Lone Survivor?

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