Remember This?

No correct guess from yesterday — I think that's a first for 2015 — so it looks like we're going to need a second image!

And for reference, here's yesterday's clue...

Good luck everyone!


    Rastan Saga?

      I've been playing Volgarr the Viking recently which I'd picked up in a cheap bundle a while ago.
      If anyone has fond memories of Rastan Saga I'd highly recommend it, it comes pretty close to being a spiritual successor. Like Rastan it's hard as all hell, but fun.

    Made me think of King Sphynx from Power Rangers.

    Golden Axe - oh, how many hours did you suck up from my childhood?

    There was a Dungeons and Dragons arcade game running on what I think was the same engine as Knights of the Round. I think I remember that blue Chimera beastie from that.

    I know that Braaains already got it, but...

    The Dig.

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